Council Code of Conduct

​Key Principles:

The key principles that underline the rules in this Code of Conduct are as follows:
a)    Members of Council shall serve and be seen to serve their constituents in a conscientious and diligent manner.
This underscores that Members’ carry out their official City activities in a way that will foster and enhance respect for government and above all, demonstrate respect for members of the public.
b)    Members of Council should be committed to performing their functions with integrity and transparency.
As public officials, Members of Council recognize the public’s right to reasonable access to information in relation to how decisions are made. This right of access includes the right of the public to receive complete and understandable information which must be balanced against the requirement to protect the legitimate interests of the City and the respect for approved policies of the City.
c)    Members of Council shall perform official duties and arrange their public affairs in a manner that promotes public confidence and respect and will bear close public scrutiny.