Committee of Council


Committee of Council includes all members of Council who discuss and debate the issues that have been presented to the Committee. The purpose is to promote discussion by using less strict rules than those used in a formal Council meeting.  
Committee of Council reports to City Council. Any recommendations made in Committee meetings must be presented to Council for approval, or further discussion at a Council member's request.


Committee of Council meetings are divided into four sections:
Community Services Section
  • Matters within the jurisdiction of the City’s Community Services Department, including recreation and culture services, Service Brampton, corporate buildings, property services and real estate
  • Transit Services and Fire Services.
Corporate Services Section 
  • Matters related to services to the Corporation, including finance, administration, information technology, human resources, legal services, public relations and communications.
Economic Development Section
  • Matters related to economic development, including tourism, film, Small Business Enterprise Centre, competitive policy and business research, and advancing the City's strategic economic development priorities.
Public Works Section
  • Matters within the jurisdiction of the City’s Public Works and Engineering Department, including public works and infrastructure, engineering, cionstrcurtion and maintenance.


All City and Regional Councillors (10)

The Mayor is an ex-officio member of this, and all other committees established by City Council, and carries a vote while in attendance.