Brampton School Traffic Safety Council

Brampton Safety Council    

Committee Objectives and Responsibilities:

The Brampton School Traffic Safety Council shall consider matters which relate directly to school safety concerns and pedestrian education.  The objectives and responsibilities of this Committee are:

1. To consider the advisability of and to co-ordinate student school bus and street patroller programs and to advise on matters relating thereto.

2. To consider and advise upon matters relating to school route, school bus and bicycle safety.

3. To develop, implement and assist with programs conducted both in and outside the schools promoting safety awareness, pedestrian education and bicycle safety

4. To review existing and prospective new adult school guard stations, employing approved warrant criteria and recommend additions or deletions to system as required.

5. To report on and refer to appropriate City and Regional departments, School Boards, Police Divisions, etc. any other matters related to school safety requiring the application of engineering standards and warrants, specialized expertise or enforcement.

Citizen members are required to be available to conduct approximately three site inspections per month, in the vicinity of schools, at morning arrival and afternoon dismissal times to observe matters related to student safety (traffic volume/ congestion, recommended walking routes, school bus issues, crossing guard locations, Kiss and Ride operations).  These site inspections must be submitted in writing to the Legislative Coordinator, once the inspection is completed.

Citizen members also are required to provide two to three days on-site training at schools, during initial start of a Kiss and Ride operation.


No fewer than seven and no more than ten citizen members

One Member of Council

One representative from each of the following:
1. staff representative from Peel Regional Police Regional Traffic Unit
2. staff representative from City of Brampton Traffic Engineering Services
3. staff representative from Student Transportation Office, Peel District School Board/Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
4. staff representative from Brampton Fire and Emergency Services
5. representative from Enforcement and By-law Services Division

Current Members: 

Patrick Doran, Chair

Vishal Arora, Vice-Chair
Daminder Ghumman
Charles Gonsalves
Rakesh Joshi
Max Kazman
Michael Lobraico
Albert Masih
Mike Moffat
Stephane Mukendi


City Councillor Pat Fortini (2017-2018)


Trustee Carrie Andrews, Peel District School Board

Trustee Darryl D'Souza, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board


Kelly Brooks, Senior Communications Advisor, Office of the Chief  Administrative Officer

Kyle Charbonneau, Coordinator, Brampton Transit

Anna Gentile, Central Planning & Operations Officer, Student  Transportation of Peel Region

Gary Jarrett, Assistant Division Chief, Fire Prevention, Fire and  Emergency Services
Craig Kummer, Manager of Traffic Engineering Services, Public Works &  Engineering

Marcy Macina, East Planning and Operations Officer, Student  Transportation of Peel Region

Sergeant Fortunato Manvati, Regional Divisional Traffic Unit, Peel  Regional Police

Mike Mulick, Enforcement Supervisor, Enforcement & By-law Services, Corporate Services

Violet Skirten, Crossing Guard Supervisor, Public Works & Engineering

Thomas Tsung, Manager of Maintenance Services, Peel District School Board


Term of Office:

Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 30, 2018, or until successors are appointed

Established by:

By-law 98-2013


First Thursday of each month (excluding July and August, which will be “at the call of the Chair” if required) at 9:30 a.m. at City Hall

Reports to:                    

Planning and Development Committee

Supported by:              

City Clerk's Office


- Voluntary

- Reimbursement for any expenses incurred

- Mileage is paid at the City of Brampton corporate rate when the members are required to travel on Committee business

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Contact Information
Chandra Urquhart, Legislative Co-ordinator
Telephone: 905-874-2114