2018-2022 Term of Council Declarations of Interest

The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act sets out ethical rules for council and local board members.  These rules apply, with some exceptions, to Council and local board members if they have a pecuniary (financial) interest in a matter that is before a Council (or a local board) at a meeting.

A new section 5.1 of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act requires a member to file a  Written Statement of Disclosure of Interest Form after the member discloses a pecuniary (financial) interest under section 5.

In addition, the Act under a new section 6.1, requires municipalities and local boards to establish and maintain registries that keep copies of statements filed under section 5.1 and of declarations recorded under section 6.​ 

Written Statement of Disclosure of Interest Form

Written Statement of Disclosure of Interest Form​, (pdf file)

Record of Disclosure

Every declaration of interest made is recorded in the minutes of the meeting by the Clerk of the municipality or Secretary of the committee or local board, as the case may be.  

Every municipality and local board shall establish and maintain a Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest Registry in which shall be kept:

·       A copy of each statement filed under section 5.1; and

·       A copy of each declaration recorded under section 6.

This registry is to be made available for public inspection in the manner that the municipality may determine.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest Registry