Brampton 2040 Vision

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In May 2018, City Council unanimously endorsed Brampton 2040 Vision: Living the Mosaic, a bold new Vision for the future of Brampton.

This is an aspirational document to guide what Brampton will become over the next quarter century. It’s about environment, transportation, jobs, recreation, health, social issues, and arts and culture. Most importantly, it’s about people.

From its global recognition as a Smart City focused on citizens, to our emerging cultural scene that fosters immense creative talents, great things are happening in Brampton. The Vision builds on those initiatives in a bold and innovative way, and challenges us to think bigger and work differently.

What's Happening Now?

Staff is working on a comprehensive Implementation Strategy. This involves taking a closer look at the Vision’s 28 action items to figure out financial implications, timing, possible policy changes, and partnership opportunities for each one.