About Riverwalk

Downtown Brampton lies within the Etobicoke Creek floodplain. Provincial policies around hazard management restrict the type and amount of development that can occur there today.
Riverwalk will be a transformative opportunity to help revitalize Brampton’s downtown and make it healthy, sustainable and resilient.
It starts with engineering an innovative long-term solution to the flood risk, which will unlock the potential for urban growth and development. In turn, it will put the creek back at the heart of downtown, creating a vibrant new space that provides a distinct identity for the city.

What's the project status?

The Environmental Assessment Study (EA) for the Downtown Brampton Flood Protection Project has begun. The EA follows a formal process of reviewing the alternative solutions through an environmental, social and economic lense, to determine the most suitable solution.

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For more information, email: riverwalk@brampton.ca​