What is the study about?

The Queen Street Transit Master Plan (QSTMP) is a study that will develop a long-term strategy for addressing the transit and multi-modal needs along the corridor over the next 10 to 25 years.  Transit planning will be integrated with land use planning, urban design, and active transportation to achieve the city’s policy goals for the Queen Street corridor and the Downtown Brampton Mobility Hub.  The study will look at and recommend how to upgrade the existing Züm Queen bus service (Route 501) to provide a higher quality rapid transit in the study area shown on the map below.  Queen Street would be transformed to improve the efficiency and safety of all modes of transportation.

The Queen Street study area is expected to grow by approximately 39,000 people and 25,000 jobs by 2041. It has a diversity of land uses and transit will play a critical role in the long-term revitalization and urban intensification along this corridor.  The study will be guided by the planning principles:

  1. Create vibrant public spaces for all ages and abilities
  2. Integrate transportation and land use
  3. Create vibrant public spaces for all ages and abilitiesore people move efficiently and safetly
  4. Enhance Main Street features
  5. Promote prosperity for local businesses