About the Study

The Primary Study Area is approximately 1 km wide centred on Queen Street between McLaughlin Road in the west to Highway 50 in the east.  The study limits also encompass the entire boundary of the Downtown Brampton Mobility Hub, which is approximately 1.6 km wide in diameter centred on the Brampton GO Station. The Secondary Study Area extends further west along Queen Street to Mississauga Road, and further east along Highway 7, through the City of Vaughan, to the Vaughan Metropolitan Subway Station.

The study objectives are as follows:
  • Transit: develop a true rapid transit line with dedicated transit lanes that will separate transit from general vehicular traffic, reduce overall runtime, increase service frequency, and increase overall people-moving capacity in the corridor
  • Transportation: develop a multimodal corridor that moves people and goods more efficiently and safely using transit, walking, cycling, cars, and heavy vehicles
  • Land Use: provide policy directions on future land use within the study area to direct land use intensification along the transit corridor, enable more transit-supportive development, and support economic growth in Brampton
  • Urban Design: transform Queen Street into a pedestrian-friendly environment through successful public realm improvements and urban design concepts – creating vibrant public spaces for all ages and abilities

Primary Study Area: McLaughlin Road to Highway 50

Secondary Study Area and Regional Context: Mississauga Road to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre