Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Sponsor Brampton Arts​

Performing arts in Brampton continue to provide outstanding cultural experiences to diverse audiences. Help grow and enhance arts and culture by sponsoring venues like The Rose, newly renovated Cyril Clark Lecture Hall and the revitalization of Lester B. Pearson theatre.
We will work with your business to develop a custom sponsorship package that aligns with your goals and objectives – contact us today.

​Theatre Sponsor of The Rose

With over 150,000 visitors walking through its doors every year, The Rose Presents Series features over 100 handpicked productions every season that include theatre, music, dance, comedy, educational and cultural events, and provides authentic performances for culture lovers in Brampton.


Program Sponsorship

The Rose programs cater to audiences from all walks of life. The venue features nationwide talent, collaborates with local artist organizations and taps into Brampton’s extraordinary talent.

Venue Sponsorship

The opportunity to sponsor one of our performing art venue amenities provides your brand the visibility to connect with the Brampton’s arts and culture community – click here for more details