Pilot Co-working Space now available at 41 George

The City of Brampton is pleased to announce that the new co-working space at 41 George Street is set to open on April 29, 2019! 

The spacious 4,500 sq. ft. storefront is conveniently located below City Hall’s West Tower, and is designed to fuel your creativity and productivity! 

The facility, operated by the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC), will initially offer the co-working space as a pilot to allow clients to get a feel of the new experience at no cost. The pilot is also an opportunity for the BEC team to measure project feasibility and efficiency. 

Please note that all other BEC programs and services will be offered from 41 George Street for the duration of the pilot program. 

Business Incubator
The space at 41 George Street may also house a new business incubator in the near future. We are currently in talks with Ryerson University to bring their expertise in entrepreneur development and innovation into the space. Watch this space for updates on Ryerson’s involvement, as we work to transform downtown Brampton into an innovation hub.



Who are eligible to participate in the pilot co-working space?

We are currently accepting applications from entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit organizations from all over the GTA to co-work from the space.


What is the duration of the co-working space pilot?

The pilot will start on April 29 and will continue throughout May. Depending on BEC’s decision, the pilot may extend into the summer. 


Where do I apply to participate in the pilot?

To apply, simply use the form below. Please note that your application is subject to your acceptance of the pilot program’s Terms & Conditions.

How will I know if my application to the co-working space has been approved? 

We will contact you at your email or preferred phone number to let you know either way.


What are the costs of using the co-working space?

For the entire pilot period, usage of the space will be free to all approved applicants. After the pilot period, co-working spaces will be on offer for a fee.


What features and services will be part of the co-working space?

• Large training area for Brampton Entrepreneur Centre seminars/workshops  
• Variety of seating options including bar stools, couches, including a lounge area 
• 2 bookable private meeting rooms (limited availability during the pilot period - the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre has first right of refusal)

What about transit and food & beverage options?

The co-working space is in the heart of downtown, connected to resources at City Hall, nearby great restaurants and transit.  Free coffee will not be provided in the space and we encourage clients to support businesses in the downtown. 


What are the hours of operation?

The co-working space will operate Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Beyond 4:30 pm, the facility will remain open to facilitate BEC-related programs
**subject to change

Day 1

Day 0