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Sun, water, sand, sports, and fun . . . or calm water, fishing and beautiful scenery - find it all and more at Brampton’s beautiful lakes and beaches!

One of Brampton’s best-kept secrets is its picturesque lakes and rivers. Behind the thousands of homes and busy roads both visitors and residents will find a wonderful oasis of natural peaceful lakes and flowing rivers to escape to and relax by.

Brampton offers you the chance to enjoy the outdoors and natural beauty through our various self-guided tours. To enjoy the many lakes and beaches in Brampton, download the Lakes & Rivers Self-Guided Tour PDF Version or Interactive Version.

Professor's Lake

professor's lake1660 North Park Drive
Call for beach hours and boating information.
905.791.7751 or 905.874.2300

1660 North Park Drive Call for beach hours and boating information.  905.791.7751 or 905.874.2300
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When you get to Professor's Lake you may not believe your eyes - this stunning, manmade, spring-fed lake spanning 65 acres was once actually a quarry.  You will have a marvellous time at Professor's Lake.  Enjoy the well-groomed sandy beach and rental facilities for canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating and paddleboarding.  Other lakeside pursuits include a waterslide, beach volleyball, fishing, and playgrounds.  Amenities include change rooms, food concessions and second-floor lake view rental/meeting rooms.  Professor's Lake is also part of a scenic trail for walking, cycling and inline skating.

Loafer's Lake

loafer's lake image30 Loafer’s Lake Lane

Along the Etobicoke Creek you will find picturesque Loafer’s Lake.  This is a popular place for relaxing, taking photographs and a great spot to start your walk along the Etobicoke Creek Trail.  Loafer’s Lake Recreation Centre, just beside the lake, offers parking and public washrooms.


Heart Lake

heart lake10818 Heart Lake Road

Heart Lake, located in the Heartlake Conservation Area, is a sparkling lake set against the backdrop of beautiful scenery and lively wildlife. Here you can escape the city life and breathe the fresh air of delicate nature. At Heart Lake, you can choose from a wide variety of activities including fishing, swimming and canoeing.  Be sure to take your children to the Wetland Pool and Splashpad!

Credit River, Etobicoke Creek, Humber and West Humber Rivers

etobicoke creekMany rivers flow through Brampton, all heading south towards Lake Ontario. The Credit River and Etobicoke Creek flow through the west side of Brampton with the Humber and West Humber rivers flowing through the east.  Although the Etobicoke Creek is not officially a river, it is significant in the development of Brampton. It attracted early European settlement, and has environmental significance.

Thousands of years ago, Palaeolithic peoples used Brampton's rivers as transportation routes. Today, they are a tremendous asset to the landscape of Brampton. Brampton’s trail system follows our rivers, providing a wonderful environment for running, walking, or just taking in the calming sounds and scenery.