First Visit to Canada?

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First time visiting Canada? This section of our website will help you with answers and links to all the information you will need. So hurry and plan your trip now!

If this is your first time visiting Canada, you will want to have details on travel and entry procedures, customs, visas and exchange rates. The links below will direct you to the official sources for this information.

Before coming to Canada from another country, be sure to visit for visa, travel and tourist information.


Citizens of many countries require a visa and other necessary documents in order to enter Canada. To find out if you require a visa, click here.

For visa eligibility requirements and information about the application process, click here.

For a list of Canadian visa offices near you, click here.

Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA)

GTAA is the operator and manager of Toronto Pearson International Airport – Canada’s largest and busiest airport. Here you can find information about customs and other entry and exit procedures.

Exchange Rate

For information about the Canadian exchange rate visit Bank of Canada's official website by clicking here.

Canadian Embassies

For a list of Canadian Embassies near you, click here