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Legends of Rock 'N' Roll Presents...

Class of '59

Class of '59

CLASS OF ‘59 features the early years of Rock ’n’ Roll... Imagine the band with Buddy Holly on guitar … Jerry Lee Lewis on piano… The Big Bopper on string bass… plus special guests... Young Elvis... The Everly Brothers… Bill Haley... Jackie Wilson and Sam Cook plus “Mr Sax” Johnny Ferreira and more!  It’s a fabulous “oldies” Rock ’n’ Roll show… when the music was raw, pure and simple and played the way it’s supposed to be played…  Just like the old days.

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<October 2016>
Class of '59
October 26, 2016
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7:30 PM
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Bobby Brooks Wilson has been added to the Class of ’59 2016 touring cast. Wilson, for those that haven't had the privilege, is the quintessential Motown entertainer who has a way of becoming the undisputed hit of any musical production he is part of. And, with Lance Lipinsky and Zachary Stevenson on the same show… that is really saying something. Wilson’s story is even better...

Bobby Brooks Wilson, known as Bobby Brooks back in the 1990's, broke into show business portraying Jackie Wilson in the original Waikiki production of “Legends in Concert.” He was discovered by a Legends in Concert talent scout who suggested he perform a tribute to Jackie Wilson because of his uncanny likeness to the 1950’s recording star. Audiences found him an unusually close natural look-alike, especially for a tribute artist, and he went on to international success portraying the legendary 1950's entertainer.

Overcoming early foster care and personal tragedies that read like a work of fiction, Bobby Brooks never knew his father… much less that he was a famous father. Through various acts of fate, he finally met some of Jackie Wilson’s family members. After comparing family time-lines, it was discovered that Brooks could be the son of the late, great R&B recording artist Jackie Wilson. With the aid of one of Wilson's family members, it was officially confirmed through a DNA test that Jackie Wilson was indeed his biological father. The Wilson’s have since accepted Bobby as family and a new duet video featuring Bobby superimposed singing with his father is now being planned for the future.
Buddy Holly and The Killer… will be playing guitar and piano, respectively, in the all-star Legends Band including “Big Bopper” on string bass plus guest performers… Young Elvis, Bill Haley, the Everly Brothers and introducing Bobby Brooks Wilson as Jackie Wilson and Sam Cook.
Don’t miss Class of ’59…  it’s a fabulous “oldies” rock’n’roll show… when the music was raw, pure and simple and played the way it’s supposed to be played… on tour in Canada during the fall of 2016.
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