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Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur is a poet, artist, and performer. Over the last 3 years, her works have taken the literary world by storm. Her new book, the sun and her flowers—an instant global bestseller, is an artistic sibling to her debut, milk and honey—America’s best selling book of 2017.

Rupi explores a variety of themes in her work ranging from love, loss, trauma, healing, femininity, migration, and revolution. She’s a storyteller and chronicler—a repository of community and history. There’s a simplicity and nuance to her work that has found a home in the hearts of millions. This magic is captured in her stage performances, which are magnetic musical interactions of poetry, art and theatre.
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<April 2018>
Rupi Kaur
April 26, 2018
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7:00 PM
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