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Machine de Cirque

Machine de Cirque

Poetic and humorous, the five guys of Machine de Cirque really know how to please. The only problem is they think they are all alone in the world. Their mission is to find others with the use of a strange machine. Will they do it? It is far from certain! They are easily distracted by their silly games and have a definite talent for putting themselves in perilous situations. Courageous, touching and funny, these five crazy characters are full of a contagious spirit they can’t wait to share with you. They masterfully handle the teeterboard, juggling clubs, drums, and even bath towels! Energizing! Daring! Machine de Cirque will dazzle you with its stunning feats.

Show Schedule
<March 2018>
Machine de Cirque
March 22, 2018
Show Hours:
7:00 PM
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Premium Seating:$59.00
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​Children (12 & under): $30

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