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 In-School Workshops



The Rose offers in-class theatre education workshops with curriculum connections from kindergarten to gr.12.

Workshops include Drama, Improvisation, Drama and Literacy, and Shakespeare and Anti-Bullying, in addition to show-specific workshops for Fatty Legs; Rainbow Fish; Emily Brown and the Thing; Pete the Cat; Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch; Boys, Girls and Other Mythological Creatures; and Outside. 
The Rose’s Education department can also work with you to create custom workshops.


In our Drama workshops we build fundamental drama skills including tableau, mime, projection, storytelling, voice work, and stage craft. Students learn a variety of Shakespearean archetypes to create and present their own two-minute play. The Drama workshop is available at different levels, and a good fit from kindergarten to high school.

Curriculum Connections: Collaboration, performance, storytelling, movement.

Recommended for all ages.



The basics of improv and its “yes, and!” mentality are taught through a variety of fun and interactive games. At the end of the class students perform an improvised presentation of an infomercial. A second improv workshop can be booked where we further explore these skills with different games and presentation opportunities.

Curriculum Connections: Risk-taking, team-work, problem solving, performance

Recommended for Grade 6 and up



As a class we will read a story and use it as inspiration to bring it to life with our very own play. Students will explore drama games and exercises.

Curriculum Connections: Language arts, storytelling, performance

Recommended for Grade 4 and under.



Our Shakespeare workshop can be tailored to your needs! Available in either a lecture or interactive drama class format, this workshop focuses on the Shakespeare play of your choice and explores the text through exercises. Available for English or Drama classes.

Curriculum Connections: Performance, language arts, history

Recommended for High School



Theatre is a great way to engage students’ empathy and is therefore a perfect place to begin conversations around bullying. In this workshop we use role-play and exercises in motivation, ensemble work, and raising the stakes to educate on the different types of bullying, explore bullying prevention, and what to do when encountering a bully.

Curriculum Connections: role-playing, community values, performance, interrelationships

Recommended for Grade 2 and up



Workshops are one hour in length.
Each workshop has the capacity for up to 30 students per instructor. Prices range from $31 - $53 plus HST per workshop (flat fee for up to 30 students), depending on the number of workshops booked.
Please contact Please contact to book your workshop or for more information. Click here for a downloadable version of the above.