Brampton Grow Green


The City of Brampton is committed to being a leader in environmental sustainability. Over the last few years the City has developed hundreds of new initiatives, including the current preparation of an Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan.  

Brampton's leadership is ee-businessvident in the its land use planning, operations and management programs, natural heritage and open space protection, restoration and enhancement activities.

Brampton’s “environment” in the broadest sense includes its diverse natural areas such as valleys, streams, woodlands and wetlands and the built environment of our neighbourhoods and commercial and industrial centres, including roads, driveways, parking lot and buildings.

Brampton’s residents, businesses and community groups also play a huge role in helping to protect and enhance the City’s land, air, water and energy resources. 

The City of Brampton commits to:

  • Being a leader in ensuring its corporate operations are conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Promoting environmental awareness through its policies, programs and initiatives
  • Making decisions within an ecosystem approach that considers economic, social, cultural and environmental issues when planning for the future

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