Cemetery FAQs

expandDo I own the land when I purchase a plot?
It is common for people to think they “own” the land but actually they do not. What they have purchased is the “rights” to be buried there. This is called “Interment Rights”.
expandHow long will I own my interment rights?
You own these rights forever. Plot, cremation spaces, columbarium niches or any other interment right will never be re-sold.
expandCan someone else in my family use the grave I purchased?
Yes, as long as the individual who holds the interment rights gives written permission.
expandCan I scatter cremated remains (ashes) anywhere I choose?
No, permission must be obtained from whoever owns the land (Whether public or private). The Cemetery Act states that you can only scatter cremated remains (ashes) in a licensed cemetery. Keep in mind also that scattering is an irreversible process and your intentions might not always be respected when property changes hands or is developed.
expandWhat is the Care & Maintenance fund?
When an interment right is purchased a portion is set aside for the care and maintenance of the cemetery. This amount can be up to 50% depending on the plot chosen. The cemetery uses the interest from this account to carry out the care and maintenance. This way cemetery property may be cared for in perpetuity (Forever).
expandAre there fees for care & maintenance?
When a grave was purchased before 1955 perpetual care was not paid on a plot however, after 1955, the amount for ongoing care and maintenance has now been included in the purchase price; therefore, no annual fees are required. When a marker/monument is purchased, there is a one-time care and maintenance fee of, $50, $100 or $200 depending on the type and size of the marker selected.
expandWhy choose The Brampton Cemetery?
At The Brampton Cemetery our goal is to satisfy the needs of the families that we serve, to make each and every person who deals with us feel special, and to exceed their expectations. We have been doing this since 1863 and will serve our community for many more years to come.
expandWhen can I visit the Cemetery?
Our cemeteries are open daily from seven-thirty am to dusk daily.
expandWhen do I have to remove my wreaths?
Wreaths must be removed from all plots in the cemetery by no later than April 1st each calendar year. They may go on a plot as of November 1 of each calendar year.
expandWhat kind of ornamentation is permitted in a plot?
Planting beds may be up to a maximum of 18 inches from the front of the monument and must be in a crescent or half moon shape. Planting of any kind is only permitted on upright monument plots. Flowerbeds shall not be defined or enclosed by any fencing, railing, concrete curbing or enclosure of any kind. All vegetation and floral tributes must be kept in good condition and no glassware is permitted on any plots in The Brampton Cemetery. Any ornamentation contrary to the dignity and decorum of the cemetery, posing a risk to the public from breakage or combustibility, or interfering with interment procedures will be removed.
expandCan shrubs be planted on a plot?
Shrubs may be placed on either side of the monument as long as they are contained within the plot and do not exceed four feet in mature height.
expandAre Sheppard’s hooks permitted in the cemetery?
Only Sheppard’s hooks that are 24 inches or less will be permitted in the cemetery.
expandWho do I contact for information to purchase plots or schedule interments?
The staff at the Brampton Cemetery will be able to answer any and all questions you may have with regards to cemetery plots and sales. The cemetery Office is located at 10 Wilson Avenue Brampton, ON L6V 1T5 – 905.874.2997
expandWho do I contact for maintenance issues at the cemetery?
The staff at the Brampton Cemetery will be able to assist you in these matters. Feel free to call 905.874.2997 or email us at cemetery@brampton.ca or visit our office.
expandHow much notice is required for Interments?
A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for interments in the Brampton Cemetery. Interments are not performed on Sundays unless there are special circumstances.
expandWhen are interments performed?
"Interments are performed during the regular business hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Any interments performed outside these hours are subject to applicable overtime charges (48 hours notice required). Interments are not performed on Sundays unless there are special circumstances.

expandDoes the City offer products for dedication to my loved one?
The City has a number of products to create a lasting tribute recognizing the life experiences of friends and family ranging from Commemorative benches, plaques and trees. Please contact the cemetery office at 905.874.2997 or cemetery@brampton.ca for more information.
expandCan a memorial be placed anywhere on a plot?
There are restrictions governing the placement of memorials on cemetery plots, which vary between cemeteries and between various areas within the cemetery. Please contact the cemetery office for more information.
expandShould I set up an appointment to arrange to purchase a plot or schedule an interment?
Appointments are recommended and will ensure staff are available to assist you and reduces your waiting time if staff are busy with other patrons.
expandHow do I inscribe my columbarium niche?
The inscription on the columbarium niche is done through the Brampton Cemetery. Please contact the cemetery office at 905.874.2997 or cemetery@brampton.ca for more information.
expandHow are monuments or markers placed?
Every grave in our cemetery is allowed one marker only. Upright monuments are only permitted on an upright monument plot. Sizes of markers will be dependent on plot and grave size. If you have any questions, please contact the cemetery office at 905.874.2997 or cemetery@brampton.ca for more information.
expandWhat happens if I pre-purchase at a cemetery, but change my mind or move away from the area?
In accordance with provincial law, money received for cemetery services such as sale of burial plot, is deposited in a trust fund. If you change your mind within the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund. With respect to the purchase of interment rights, if you should change your mind for any reason after the 30 days has past, we will purchase the plot back from you at your written request and you will receive a refund for the amount that was paid (plot only) less the taxes. Should a burial have taken place and you would like us to repurchase the lot, the family would have to pay for the disinterment and at your written request the cemetery will repurchase the plot from you at the price that was paid less the taxes pending all proper approvals and signatures.
expandCan I sell my plot to someone else?
No. Provincial law prohibits the private resale of interment rights. However, should you choose not to use your interment rights, the cemetery will be pleased to buy them back from you, in accordance with provincial law, or you may transfer your interment rights to a third party for a nominal charge through the cemetery office.
expandI’m making a family tree. What information can you give me?
The Brampton Cemetery staff often have patrons in looking for family members. We can provide the information one would find on a monument as well as the location of the graves. We are open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and would gladly help find any family members buried in our cemetery and show the locations to these patrons.
expandWhich of your cemeteries still have space/graves available?
The Brampton Cemetery has spaces available for burial.
expandIs cremation less expensive than ground burial?
When comparing the basic services required with each option, yes.
expandDoes the Brampton Cemetery have sections where veterans and their partners can be buried?
Yes. The Brampton Cemetery has designated areas for veterans and their partners.
expandDoes one have to be a Canadian veteran to be buried in one of your veterans’ sections?
No. Veterans’ sections are available to both Canadian and Allied veterans.
expandDo you have a place where a reception can take place?
Unfortunately at the Brampton Cemetery we do not have a reception area. Services can however, take place at the graveside.
expandWhat are the hours of operation?
Our hours of Operation are Monday to Friday 7:30 to 4:00 pm.
expandWhy is having a place to visit so important?
Remembrance practices, from the funeral or memorial service to permanent memorialization, serve an important emotional function for survivors by helping to bring closure and allowing the healing process to begin. It provides a focal point for memorializing the deceased. To remember, and be remembered, are natural human needs.