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Safety course for fireworks vendors

Brampton, ON – To promote the safe sale and use of fireworks, the City of Brampton is conducting a mandatory Fire Safety Course for fireworks vendors before they can apply for a license to sell for Diwali and New Year’s Eve.

Diwali and New Year’s Eve are two of four approved days for the remainder of the year when short-range fireworks are allowed on private property, without the need for a permit.

The course will be offered on September 20 and 27 starting at 6 pm at Fire Life Safety Education Centre, 225 Central Park Drive. Registration must be made in person at the same address before noon on September 27, along with a registration fee of $100.

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services and By-law Enforcement staff will host the course, covering topics like the types of fireworks allowed for sale, rules for storing, displaying and selling, customer ID requirements and safety guidelines for distribution to buyers. For vendors with multiple locations, at least one operator from each location is required to complete the course.  A Certificate of Completion of the course must accompany a vendor’s application for a licence to sell fireworks.

The mandatory course is in line with the 2016 Fireworks and Licensing By-laws. For information on the course, please contact Brampton Fire and Emergency Services at 905.874.2740.



Natalie Stogdill, Media Relations
City of Brampton
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