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Annual Fire Safety Course for Fireworks Vendors April 18 and 26

​BRAMPTON, ON – In an effort to promote safety, the City of Brampton will host two annual fire safety courses for fireworks vendors this month. Scheduled for 6 pm on Wednesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 26 at the Fire Life Safety Education Centre, 225 Central Park Drive, vendors are required to register for a session if they plan on selling fireworks for Victoria Day or Canada Day. There will be additional courses scheduled in September should a vendor wish to sell for Diwali.

Course registration is required in advance by calling 905.874.2740. The cost to register is $100.
For vendors with multiple locations, at least one operator from each location is required to complete the course.

This mandatory annual course was introduced by the City in 2017. New Fireworks and Licensing by-laws were approved by Council in 2016. The by-laws allow the use of short-range fireworks on all Brampton residential properties on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali and New Year’s Eve, without the need for a permit. Safety is the top priority, as the by-law also bans other types of fireworks that pose a great risk of injury or damage to property.

A list of vendors licensed to sell fireworks in Brampton for Victoria Day and Canada Day will be posted on the City website closer to these holidays.


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