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Exciting Startup Weekend event bringing CBC “Dragon” to Brampton

BRAMPTON, ON – If you have an idea for a tech startup, or you have ever wanted to start a business, now is your chance.

The City of Brampton has partnered with Startup Peel to host the Techstars Startup Weekend Peel Region IoT during Techstars Global Startup Weekend from Friday November 2 to Sunday November 4, 2018 at Brampton City Hall. The entire event will take place over an intense and fun 54 hours.

Entrepreneurs will have the chance to build an amazing startup over the weekend, from business concept to potential commercialization. The innovative Startup Weekend event is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of an idea, validate a business idea and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs.

One such entrepreneur is the renowned Nicole Verkindt, founder of Offset Market Exchange (OMX) and the newest “Dragon” on CBC’s Next Gen Den.

Named Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by Startup Canada in 2017, Verkindt launched OMX just five years prior, in February 2012. OMX is the only online platform of its kind that serves users from the world’s top defence, aerospace and shipbuilding sectors and tens of thousands of local suppliers around the world. It also generates data to help governments understand the economic impacts of their procurement decisions.

Having penetrated the Canadian market, OMX is now successfully expanding globally to countries such as Spain, Israel, India and Korea.

Verkindt will join Financial Services Executive and Advisor for Startups Preeti Malik, Founder and Catalyst Bryan Li and founder of Purposeful Selling Jean Nickerson in judging the business concepts generated at Startup Weekend.

The winners will receive packages of goods and services including business coaching, print services, memberships and gift cards to support their business launch and growth.

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“It’s no secret that exciting things are happening in Brampton’s entrepreneurial community. Startup Weekend puts the spotlight on the energy and innovation fueling new ideas, new businesses and new jobs and investment in our city. The entrepreneurs who rise from Startup Weekend are key players in Brampton’s economic success now and in the future. I am thrilled to welcome these global and local entrepreneurs.”
Councillor Jeff Bowman, Economic Development Chair

“Techstars Startup Weekend Peel Region IoT is an innovative part of Brampton’s business scene. We are excited to partner with the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre to bring this event back to Brampton for a second year, so we can continue to foster and develop a resilient economy through entrepreneurship and small business.”
Melloney Campbell, Startup Peel

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Media Coordinator, City of Brampton