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City building foundations to secure a university

​BRAMPTON, ON: Over the past few weeks, the City has moved ahead in laying the foundations to make the right decisions and secure the right partners to bring a university to Brampton.

On Wednesday, staff updated Economic Development Committee on progress on the university work plan.

City staff have met with representatives from a number of municipalities to understand lessons those communities have learned in establishing their own university campuses. Meetings are scheduled with Algoma University and Sheridan College in the coming weeks to investigate ways to connect these important Brampton institutions to a new university.

Sean Conway, Chair of the Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel, spent an afternoon at City Hall, helping the City gain a better understanding of the Province’s expectations and goals. Outreach is also underway with other federal and provincial government representatives.

Economic Development staff have met, and continue to meet, with key Brampton businesses; hearing about their enthusiasm for a new university and exploring future partnerships to enhance the value of a university for the business community.

“The right university partner is critical to our city’s future growth,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey.  “Council is united in our goal of identifying and attracting the right university partner that will draw on the strengths of Brampton’s current post-secondary institutions, our local business community and residents to meet the needs of future students.”

The City’s work plan is built on three main components. Reaching out to local businesses and Brampton’s post-secondary institutions, staff are working to connect existing relationships to a new university. Staff are also meeting with provincial and federal government representatives, working to clarify government expectations and goals. And through various channels, the City is setting up enhanced discussions with post-secondary institutions to secure a university partner.

The government is expected to launch a call for proposals in January 2017. Ontario universities will be encouraged to work in partnership with local communities, businesses, and other institutions to develop proposals for the new facilities.

The Province’s plan is to create new postsecondary facilities focused on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics – skills important to current and future employers, and often grouped together under the acronym STEAM.

Quick facts:
• Because of its strong diversity, Brampton has a higher potential for attracting international students than any other community in Canada
• Human Health and Sciences, Innovation and Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing are strong and growing target economic sectors for the City – matching up with the Province’s goals to build the workforce of tomorrow
• More than 50 per cent of new immigrants to Brampton are under the age of 24
• Estimates show there will be more than 5,000 Brampton students accepted in universities each year from 2021 through 2041


About Brampton: The ninth-largest city in Canada, Brampton celebrates a diverse population that represents people from 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds who speak 89 different languages. Brampton residents and visitors have access to state-of-the-art recreation facilities and one of the fastest-growing transit systems in Canada. Opened in 2007, Brampton Civic Hospital is part of the William Osler Health System, which is one of the largest community hospitals in Canada. For more information, visit or follow @CityBrampton on Twitter.

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