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Southwest Quadrant project: Auditor General’s report confirms City was well-served by staff and Council

BRAMPTON, ON:  The integrity of the Southwest Quadrant Renewal Plan – a substantial City project designed to revitalize Brampton’s downtown – was validated today by Interim Auditor General George Rust-D’Eye’s report.

The Southwest Quadrant Renewal Plan includes the new West Tower and the new two-storey addition on the north side of the existing City Hall building.

A Special Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 4 at 7 pm in the Council Chambers to consider the Auditor General’s report.

Report Highlights

The City was well-served by its staff.
Staff thoroughly documented every stage of decision-making, presentations and recommendations to Council, resulting in a systematic, complex and fair evaluation process. The work of those involved on behalf of the City was consistent with Council’s intent.

The competitive dialogue approach to procurement was appropriate.
City Council and staff utilized a novel approach properly suited to the situation, and retained specialized consultants to assist in its administration, resulting in a fair and effective competition and evaluation process.

Council played its appropriate and legally-mandated role in the decision-making process.
Council complied with their proper arm’s length roles, maintaining the integrity of the process.

Council and City staff’s adherence to confidentiality maintained the project’s integrity.
The principles of confidentiality mandated by Council’s form of Request for Proposal (RFP) are normal and essential requirements of an RFP procurement process in order to maintain a fair competition and protect the commercial confidentiality of information provided by respondents. 

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