Recreation Revitalized


A Renewal Plan for Brampton’s Community Centres

The city has developed a strategy to revitalize our older community centres, beginning with Balmoral, Howden and Chris Gibson Recreation Centres.
Highlights of the renewal strategy include:
  • Constructing a new Howden Community Centre
  • Expanding and renovating Balmoral Recreation Centre
  • Expanding Chris Gibson Recreation Centre, including twining the existing ice rink

Incorporating PRMP Recommendations

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan concluded 18 months of consultations with the public, stakeholders, partnering public agencies, City Council and staff.
The goal is to incorporate the following recommendations from the Master Plan into the renewal strategy for our older recreation centres:
  1. One-stop convenience to residents
  2. Flexible, multi-use, multi-generational, and multi-seasonal facilities
  3. Youth-Friendly, Age-Friendly, Sport-Friendly design principles
  4. Need for gymnasiums and large multi-purpose halls throughout the City of Brampton

Chris Gibson Recreation Centre

New Amenities will include:
  • Second ice pad
  • New gymnasium

Howden Recreation Centre

New Amenities will include:
  • Gymnasiums
  • Multi-purpose rooms

Balmoral Recreation Centre

New Amenities will include:
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Splash Pad

Brampton Soccer Centre

Dome Turf Project
  • Two lit, FIFA-sized, artificial turf playing fields
  • One of the pitches will be augmented with an air-supported fabric structure (‘bubble’) to support winter play
  • Addition of a pavilion equipped with washrooms and changerooms
  • Associated park improvements to fencing and recreational trails

Update: Originally anticipated for completion in Fall 2019, staff have found technical considerations for this project to be more extensive than initially estimated. Enhancements to the outdoor sports fields at the Brampton Soccer Centre will be ready and open to the public in Spring 2020, with the dome following in Fall 2020.

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