Environmental Initiatives

Sandalwood Works Yard Improvements in Salt Storage

Sandalwood Yard

The Sandalwood Works Yard has a state-of-the-art winter materials storage facility, which has replaced the old wooden salt domes. This facility is approximately 24,000 square feet, and has the capacity to store 8,000 tonnes of salt and sand as well as a salt brine loading station. Salt brine is used both as an anti-icer applied to the road surface and to pre-wet granular salt.
The facility’s environmentally-friendly advantages include:

  • Salt loading occurs indoors.
  • Concrete floors and walls prevent chlorides from seeping into the ground.
  • A membrane and weeping tiles under the facility offer added protection.
  • Holding tanks below the floor collect the salt washed from vehicles, which is then reused in the salt brine manufacturing process.

Anti-icing and Pre-wetting Equipment

Anti-icingThis equipment can apply salt brine prior to a storm to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the road surface, and also pre-wet granular salt with salt brine to minimize road bounce.  The amount of salt used is reduced by up to 30%, and cause less damage to roads, vehicles, property and the environment.

Biodiesel Fuel 

Biodiesel FuelThe City of Brampton uses biodiesel fuel for its winter fleet vehicles, including plowing equipment. Biodiesel fuel is an environmentally friendly mix of diesel and soybean oil.



Combination Snow Plows

Combination Snow PlowsThe City of Brampton uses combination snow plows that salt and plow at the same time, so one unit can do the job of two, resulting in less air pollution and vehicle maintenance.