Traffic Calming


Traffic calming measures are implemented to address issues with vehicles speeding, excessive traffic volumes and neighbourhood safety. Examples of traffic calming measures vary from minor roadway improvements to the more significant projects listed below. All traffic calming measures help to reduce the speed and volume of traffic to improve the safety and quality of life for residents.

Examples of Traffic Calming Measures

The City of Brampton employs several measures to calm traffic in a neighbourhood. Measures include all-way stops, speed display boards, pavement markings, Community Safety Zone designation and roundabouts.

Traffic calming measures are not implemented on every roadway. Requests for traffic calming will be evaluated according to the City of Brampton’s Neighbourhood Traffic Management Guide, which provides strategies to responding to public concerns about traffic in residential neighbourhoods. A public consultation process must occur before any changes are implemented.

Traffic Calming Locations

Centre Street NorthWard: 1
Traffic CalmingStatus: In ProgressMap It
Royal Orchard DriveWard: 1 & 5
Traffic CalmingStatus: In ProgressMap It
Vodden Street WestWard: 1
Traffic CalmingStatus: In ProgressMap It