School Crossing Guards

A crossing guard temporarily stops traffic to allow pedestrians to cross safely. The City of Brampton has over 190 school crossing guards for kindergarten to grade 5 children in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board and Peel District School Board.

School Crossing Guard 
  • Stop when the crossing guard has the stop sign in an upright position
  • Stop when the guard is entering the roadway
  • Remain stopped until the children and the crossing guard have safely cleared the roadway
  • Under the Highway Traffic Act, a crossing guard’s stop sign has the same legal authority as a stop sign at an intersection. You could face a minimum $150 fine and three demerit points for not stopping.

For Brampton’s school crossing guard locations, click here.

Request a Guard / Report Safety Issues Around Schools

To request a guard or report safety issues around schools, contact Public Works at 311 or through our contact form. The Brampton School Traffic Safety Council will consider matters which relate directly to school safety concerns and pedestrian education, including the placement of school crossing guards.

Apply to Be a Crossing Guard

Do you want to apply to be a guard? A crossing guard must be sixteen years of age or older, must provide a medical record and must pass a criminal record search. Click here for further details.