Ladder Stripe Crosswalk Markings

Ladder Stripe Crosswalk Marking

Ladder stripe crosswalk markings are lines painted within the pedestrian crosswalk parallel to the driver’s direction of travel. The white bands are 60 cm wide and spaced 60 cm apart. Ladder stripe crosswalks increase drivers’ visibility of crosswalks during daylight and at night.

There have been several studies related to the effectiveness of ladder stripe crosswalks in the improvement of crosswalk visibility. Based on this, the City will use ladder stripe crosswalks as a means to improve pedestrian safety.

The following guidelines will be used to determine appropriate locations for ladder stripe crosswalks in Brampton:

  • Crossings controlled by a traffic signal or a stop sign
  • Pedestrian crossing volumes are high
  • Right or left turn vehicle volumes are high
  • Higher than expected number of pedestrian collisions