Speed Limits in Brampton

50 kph sign

The speed limit on all roadways within the City of Brampton is 50 km/h unless otherwise posted. For streets where the 50km/h rate does not apply, see By-Law No. 93-93 - Schedule X Rate of Speed.

40 kph sign

40 km/h speed limits are posted on two lane roadways with direct school frontage. Signs are posted 150 metres from either side of the school property limits, in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act.

Updates to the School Zone Speed Policy

‚ÄčThe City of Brampton recently expanded the scope of the School Zone Speed Policy to include all roads adjacent to elementary and secondary school properties. Over the next year, a 10 km/h speed limit reduction will be applied to all roads adjacent to school properties. These changes will address pedestrian activity outside of regular school hours, pedestrian activity that extends beyond roads with direct school frontage and the high volumes of pedestrian activity in the vicinity of secondary schools.