School Walking Route Program

The City of Brampton has initiated a pilot School Walking Route Program to increase awareness of child safety among drivers and reduce vehicle trips to schools. As part of the program, children are encouraged to take designated routes, which have appropriate pedestrian controls in place when walking to and from school.

Signs are strategically placed along the routes to ensure visibility to drivers and pedestrians.

The benefits of the School Walking Route Program are:

  School Route Sign
  • Informs drivers they are on a designated walking route
  • Encourages parents to walk their children along the designated routes
  • Encourages pedestrians to cross only at designated intersections
  • Provides a safety assessment of walking routes
  • Reduces traffic congestion at schools
  • Reduces noise and air pollution
  • Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle


For information on starting a walk-to-school program, click here.

Participating Schools

Currently, Brampton has 13 schools participating in the School Walking Route Program: 

  • Eagle Plains Public School
  • Larkspur Public School
  • Morton Way Public School
  • Red Willow Public School
  • St. Stephan Separate School
  • Treeline Public School
  • Worthington Public School
  • Grenoble Public School
  • Hanover Public School
  • Hewson Public School
  • Homestead Public School
  • James Potter Public School
  • Jefferson Public School