Noise Walls

Noise WallThe City installs noise walls beside properties on arterial roads to reduce the noise levels generated by traffic.

The construction of noise walls is subject to the requirements o​utlined in the Local Improvement Regulations and the City of Brampton’s Noise Wall Policy.  

New Noise Walls

The City of Brampton or the Region of Peel will build a new noise wall. The jurisdiction responsible depends on whether the road is a City of Brampton road or a Regional road. Construction will take place under the Local Improvement Regulations or as part of a Capital Roads Construction Project.

In some cases, a new noise wall will be built by a developer as part of new subdivision and housing development.

Existing Noise Walls

Existing noise walls are typically constructed on private property and owned by the homeowner. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain an existing noise wall. A homeowner may request the replacement of an existing noise wall to be jointly funded by the property owner and the municipality, pursuant to the Local Improvement Regulations under the Municipal Act, 2001.