400 Series - Miscellaneous Details


400 - 401Not in Use
4021/11/1992Chain Link Security Fence
403 - 405Not in Use
40611/17/2011Silt Fence & Sediment Trap
407Not in Use
408RenumberedStandard Steel Parapet Rail (Renumbered to STD. 417 - 2000/03/07)
40911/17/2011House Plan Requirements

Guide Rails

410 - 416Not in Use
4173/13/2012Double Railing for Barrier Wall
4185/1/2013Standard Aluminium Railing for Sidewalks and Walls Without Concrete Parapets
419Not in Use

Lot Grading

4202/13/2012Lot Grading Standard for Subdivision Lots, Split Drainage
4212/13/2012Lot Grading Standard for Subdivision Lots, Rear to Front Drainage
42211/17/2011Industrial Commercial Institutional Grading and Service Plan
4239/1/2004Slope Treatment for Residential Walkout Units
424 - 425Not in Use
4269/17/1997Typical Side Yard Drainage
42710/8/2012French Drain
428 - 429Not in Use

Traffic Details

43010/10/2014Regulatory Sign and Street Name Sign Standards
4314/1/2014Type 'M' Control Cabinet Base
4324/1/2014Riser Cable Wiring Layout
433CancelledTraffic Signal Concrete Base Form
4344/1/2014460mm Electrical Chamber
4354/1/2014300mm Electrical Chamber
4364/4/2016Typical Intersection Layout
4374/1/2014Typical Equipment On Pole
4384/1/2014Power Supply Pedestal 120/240 VAC - 100A
4394/1/2014Vehicle and Pedestrian Head Mounting Details
4404/1/2014Aluminum Single Member Mast Arm Attachment Details
4414/1/2014Typical 2 to 8 Phase Wiring With 12/C Cable
4424/1/2014Typical Pedestrian Wiring Layout
4434/1/2014System Detectors Loop Layout
4444/1/2014Typical Loop Detection Layout and Details
4455/30/2007Typical Oversized Street Name Sign Installation
44611/3/2003Typical Concrete Pad - Design Specifications for Newspaper Boxes
4474/1/2014Oversized Street Name Sign Single Aluminium Sign Bracket
44811/10/1993Min Sightline Requirements for 8.0m, 8.5m, 10m Roadway, Angle of Intersection 70-90 deg
44911/10/1993Min Sightline Requirements for 14.5m Roadway, Intersecting any Roadway 14.5m or less
4503/1/1994Standard Fire Route Sign
4513/9/1995Temporary Restricted Truck Barricade
4524/1/2014Traffic Signals on Pole Power Supply
453CancelledTraffic Power Pedestal Concrete Base Form for base mountable power pedestals
4544/1/2014Anchorage Assembly for Concrete Footing
4554/1/20141.5m Pedestrian Pushbutton Pole


49012/1/2015Reinforcing & Anchor Arrangement for Züm Power Pedestal
49112/1/2015Isolated Meter Application for Züm Secondary Supply Facility
49212/1/2015Power Supply Arrangements (Single Phase)
49312/1/2015Duct Arrangement for Züm/Power Pedestal
49412/1/2015Metered Züm/Power Supply