Types of Construction Projects

ConstructionThe City of Brampton projects & activities listed on Roads & Traffic are updated daily as the status of construction changes.

Types of projects include:

Bridge Rehabilitation involves the modification, altercation or improvement of existing bridges on City of Brampton roads and pedestrian footbridges within Brampton’s parks.

Class Environmental Assessments are performed prior to undertaking a major road construction project to identify and address the overall impact of the project on the social, cultural and natural environment. This is an approved process that municipalities must follow under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

Future Construction Projects Under Design involves the preparation of detailed design contract drawings and technical specifications for construction projects, such as new roads, grade separations and intersection improvements.

Intersection Improvements and modifications undertaken to improve the safety of the intersection.

Major Road Construction includes the construction of new roads, widening or reconstruction of existing roads and grade separations by the City of Brampton or the Region of Peel.

Park Walkway Improvements involves the removal of existing walkways and the placement of new and wider walkways within Brampton’s parks.

Road Resurfacing involves the grinding out and repaving of the road surface to restore it to its original state.

Sidewalk Construction includes the construction of new sidewalks as part of the 10-year capital program.

Stormwater Management Ponds are developed in subdivisions to control rainwater entering natural areas such as creeks, lakes and wetlands. Once a subdivision is assumed, the City of Brampton is responsible for pond maintenance. Click here for more information.

Street Lighting Upgrades involve the improvement and modernization of existing street lighting to provide safer and more efficient lighting for vehicles and pedestrians.

Traffic Signal Upgrades and Installations include new installations and modernization of City-owned traffic signals and flashing 40km/h school zone signs.

Traffic Calming projects help to reduce the speed and volume of traffic and improve the safety and quality of life in the neighbourhood.

Water Works include water and wastewater projects undertaken by the Region of Peel. Click here for more information.

  • Projects listed are subject to change pending utility conflicts or additional funding.
  • Year-round activities, such as pothole repairs, are ongoing and are not reflected.