Traffic Signal Locations

The following is a list of traffic signals in Brampton:

Note: Traffic signals located at the on/off ramps of Highway 407 ETR and Highway 410 are maintained by the City of Brampton. 

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Advance Blvd. at Dixie Rd.
Advance Blvd. at Steeles Ave.
Advance Blvd. at Tomken Rd.
Advance Blvd. at Wilkinson Rd.
Airport Rd. at Bovaird Dr.
Airport Rd. at Braydon Blvd. / Stonecrest Dr.
Airport Rd. at Brock Dr.
Airport Rd. at Clark Blvd.
Airport Rd. at Countryside Dr.
Airport Rd. at Coventry Rd.
Airport Rd. at Hopewell Entrance
Airport Rd. at Humberwest Pkwy.
Airport Rd. at John Rhodes Driver Training Centre
Airport Rd. at Lacoste Blvd.
Airport Rd. at Mayfield Rd.
Airport Rd. at North Park Dr.
Airport Rd. at Queen St.
Airport Rd. at Steeles Ave.
Airport Rd. at Triple Crown Dr.
Airport Rd. at Wards Farm Entrance
Airport Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Airport Rd. at Woodslea Rd.
Airport Rd. N. Terminal at Hwy. #407
Airport Rd. S. Terminal at Hwy. #407
Archdekin Dr. at Rutherford Rd.
Archdekin Dr. at Vodden St.
Armthorpe Rd. at Goreway Dr.
Auction Lane at Goreway Dr.
Automatic Dr. / Spar Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Avondale Blvd. (West of Bramalea Rd.) at (Midblock)
Avondale Blvd. / Dearbourne Blvd. at Bramalea Rd.
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Balmoral Dr. (Btwn Brookland and Braemar) at (Midblock)
Balmoral Dr. at Bramalea Rd.
Balmoral Dr. at Dixie Rd.
Balmoral Dr. at Eastbourne Dr.
Balmoral Dr. at Torbram Rd.
Barleyfield Rd. / Clover Bloom Rd. at Peter Robertson Blvd.
Bartley Bull Pkwy. / Shopper World Plaza at Main St.
Bayridge Dr. / Crystalhill Dr. at Castlemore Rd.
Bell Chase Tr. / Trade Valley Dr. at Hwy 50
Birchbank Rd. at Dixie Rd.
Birchcliffe Dr. at Heart Lake Rd.
Biscayne Cres. at First Gulf Blvd.
Bleasdale Ave. at Commuter Dr.
Bleasdale Ave. at Commuter Dr./Dulverton Dr.
Blue Diamond Dr. / Prospect Gate at Torbram Rd.
Bonavista Dr. / Chudleigh Ave. at James Potter Rd.
Botavia Downs Dr. / Earlsbridge Blvd. at Chinguacousy Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Bramalea Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Bramport Shopping Centre (W of Airport Rd.)
Bovaird Dr. at Brisdale Dr. / Pertosa Dr.
Bovaird Dr. at Chinguacousy Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Conestoga Dr. / Hinchley Wood Grove
Bovaird Dr. at Dixie Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Edenbrook Hill Dr. / Fletchers Creek Blvd.
Bovaird Dr. at Fletcher’s Creek Plaza Entrance
Bovaird Dr. at Gillingham Dr.
Bovaird Dr. at Go Station Entrance
Bovaird Dr. at Heart Lake Rd. / South Lake Blvd.
Bovaird Dr. at Heritage Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Hospital Entrance
Bovaird Dr. at Hurontario St.
Bovaird Dr. at Hwy #410 S/B off Ramp / Heart Lake Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Hwy. #410 N/B off Ramp
Bovaird Dr. at Kennedy Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Lake Louise Dr. / Worthington Ave.
Bovaird Dr. at Langston Dr.
Bovaird Dr. at MacKay St.
Bovaird Dr. at McLaughlin Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Mississauga Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Mountain Ash Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Nasmith St.
Bovaird Dr. at Plaza Entrance
Bovaird Dr. at Professor's Lake Pkwy. / Sunny Meadows Dr.
Bovaird Dr. at Sunforest Dr. / Yellow Brick Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Torbram Rd.
Bovaird Dr. at Van Kirk Dr. / Royal Orchard Dr.
Braidwood Lake Rd. / Sunforest Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Bramalea Rd. at Central Park Dr.
Bramalea Rd. at Chinguacousy Park / Goodwood Rd.
Bramalea Rd. at Clark Blvd.
Bramalea Rd. at Countryside Dr.
Bramalea Rd. at Dewside Dr.
Bramalea Rd. at East Dr.
Bramalea Rd. at Father Tobin Rd.
Bramalea Rd. at Fleetwood Cres. / Knightsbridge Rd.
Bramalea Rd. at Larkspur Rd.
Bramalea Rd. at Markham St. / Jackson Rd.
Bramalea Rd. at Mayfield Rd.
Bramalea Rd. at North Park Dr.
Bramalea Rd. at Orenda Rd.
Bramalea Rd. at Peter Robertson Blvd.
Bramalea Rd. at Professor's Lake Pkwy.
Bramalea Rd. at Queen St.
Bramalea Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Bramalea Rd. at Steeles Ave.
Bramalea Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Bramalea Rd. N. Terminal at Hwy. #407
Brampton Brick Plaza Entrance at Hurontario St.
Bramrose Plaza at Queen St.
Bramsteele Rd. at Rutherford Rd.
Briar Path / BCC Entrance at Clark Blvd.
Brickyard Way / Peel Manor Entrance at Main St. North
Brinkley Dr. / Roycrest St. at Hurontario St.
Brisdale Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Brookview Rd. at McLaughlin Rd.
Bufford Dr. / Flower City Community Campus at McLaughlin Rd.
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Calderstone Rd. / Huntspoint Dr. at Cottrelle Blvd.
Campbell Dr. / Rec Centre at McLaughlin Rd.
Castlemore Rd. at Apple Valley Way
Castlemore Rd. at Bloom Dr.
Castlemore Rd. at Clarkway Dr.
Castlemore Rd. at Drummondville Dr.
Castlemore Rd. at Evergreen Ave. / Red Willow Rd.
Castlemore Rd. at Gardenbrooke Tl.
Castlemore Rd. at Goreway Dr.
Castlemore Rd. at Humberwest Pkwy.
Castlemore Rd. at McVean Dr.
Castlemore Rd. at The Gore Rd.
Centennial Mall (North Entrance) at Kennedy Rd.
Central Park Dr. at Clark Blvd.
Central Park Dr. at Glenvale Blvd.
Central Park Dr. at Graham Cr. / Greenarrow Ct.
Central Park Dr. at Hanover Rd.
Central Park Dr. at Howden Blvd.
Central Park Dr. at Kensington Rd. / Peel Centre Dr.
Central Park Dr. at Knightsbridge Rd.
Central Park Dr. at Queen St.
Central Park Dr. at Torbram Rd.
Centre St. / Rutherford Rd. at Kennedy Rd.
Centre St. / Sterne Ave. at Clarence St.
Centre St. at Church St.
Centre St. at Queen St.
Centre St. at Vodden St.
Centre St. at Williams Pkwy.
Chapel St. / Theatre Lane at Queen St.
Charolais Blvd. at Chinguacousy Rd.
Charolais Blvd. at Hodgson St. / Shopper's World Entrance
Charolais Blvd. at Main St.
Charolais Blvd. at McLaughlin Rd.
Charolais Blvd. at McMurchy St.
Charolais Blvd. at Mill St.
Charolais Blvd. at Moffatt Ave. / Torrance Woods (East Intersection)
Charolais Blvd. at Moffatt Ave. / Torrance Woods (West Intersection)
Cherrytree Dr. at Ray Lawson Blvd.
Chinguacousy Rd. / Glenridge Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Burt Dr.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Drinkwater Ave.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Duffield Rd. / Fairhill Ave.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Flowertown Ave.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Grape Tl.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Grovewood Dr.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Major William Sharpe Dr.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Marrotta Ave. / Olde Town Rd.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Mayfield Rd.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Queen St.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Steeles Ave.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Sterritt Dr.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Sugarhill Dr.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Teramoto Park Entrance
Chinguacousy Rd. at Wanless Dr.
Chinguacousy Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Chrysler Dr. at Corporation Dr.
Chrysler Dr. at Williams Pkwy.
Chrysler Dr. East Entrance at Williams Pkwy.
Chrysler Dr. West Entrance at Williams Pkwy.
Church St. at Kennedy Rd.
Church St. at Main St.
City South Plaza Entrance at Hurontario St.
Clarence St. at Kennedy Rd.
Clarence St. at Main St.
Clarence St. at Rutherford Rd.
Clark Blvd. (W of Earnscliffe Gate) at (Midblock)
Clark Blvd. at Bramalea City Centre East Entrance
Clark Blvd. at Dixie Rd.
Clark Blvd. at Eastbourne Dr.
Clark Blvd. at Finchgate Blvd.
Clark Blvd. at Folkstone Cr.
Clark Blvd. at Kings Cross Rd.
Clark Blvd. at Lisa St. / Terese Rd.
Clark Blvd. at Rutherford Rd.
Clark Blvd. at Summerlea Rd.
Clark Blvd. at Torbram Rd.
Clark Blvd. at Transit Terminal Entrance
Clark Blvd. at Walker Dr.
Clark Blvd. at West Dr.
Clark Blvd. NB off Ramp at Hwy. #410
Clark Blvd. SB on Ramp at Hwy. #410
Clarkway Dr. at Bellchase Ave.
Clarkway Dr. at Castle Oaks Crossing
Clarkway Dr. at Riseborough Dr./ Altura Way
Clemetine Dr. at Mavis Rd.
Cobblestone Ct. / Chapparal Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Cochrane Ave. / Ruth Ave. at Kennedy Rd.
Coleraine Dr. at Mayfield Rd.
Collingwood Ave. / Highwood Rd. at Hurontario St.
Colonel Bertram Rd. at Mayfield Rd.
Commuter Dr. at Ganton Hts.
Commuter Dr. at Pedestrian Signals between Bleasdale Ave. & Ganton Hts.
Conestoga Dr. at Kennedy Rd. North
Conestoga Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Conestoga Dr. at Somerset Dr.
Conestoga Dr. at Wexford Rd.
Conservation Dr. / Wanless Dr. at Hurontario St.
Copperfield Dr. at Heart Lake Rd.
Costco Entrance at Goreway Dr.
Cottrelle Blvd. at Clarkway Dr. / Via Romano Way
Cottrelle Blvd. at Goreway Dr.
Cottrelle Blvd. at Humberwest Pkwy.
Cottrelle Blvd. at Maple Valley Rd. / Calderstone Middle School
Cottrelle Blvd. at McVean Dr.
Cottrelle Blvd. at Redwillow Rd.
Cottrelle Blvd. at The Gore Rd.
Cottrelle Blvd. at Thorndale Rd.
Cottrelle Blvd. at Valleycreek Dr.
Cottrelle Blvd. at Westbrook Ave. / Sky Valley Dr.
Countryside Dr. at Dixie Rd.
Countryside Dr. at Goreway Dr.
Countryside Dr. at Mountainash Rd.
Countryside Dr. at The Gore Rd.
Countryside Dr. at Torbram Rd.
Countryside Dr. at Torbram Rd.
County Court Blvd. / Ray Lawson Blvd. at Hurontario St.
County Court Blvd. / Sir Lou Blvd. at Hurontario St.
Creditview Rd. at Aylesbury Dr.
Creditview Rd. at Aylesbury Dr.
Creditview Rd. at Bleasdale Ave.
Creditview Rd. at Fairhill Dr.
Creditview Rd. at Ganton Hts./Veterans Dr.
Creditview Rd. at James Potter Rd.
Creditview Rd. at Lagerfeld Dr.
Creditview Rd. at McCrimmon Dr.
Creditview Rd. at McCrimmon Dr.
Creditview Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Creditview Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Cresthaven Rd. / Perth St. at Hurontario St.
Cresthaven Rd. / Robertson Davies Dr. at Mayfield Rd.
Crown Victoria Dr. / Sunnyview Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Curlew Dr. / Oaklea Blvd. at McLaughlin Rd.
Cynthia Cres. / Richgrove Dr. at Goreway Dr.
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Delta Park / Maritime Ontario at Queen St.
Dixie Rd. at Father Tobin Rd.
Dixie Rd. at Howden Blvd.
Dixie Rd. at Lisa St.
Dixie Rd. at Mansion St. / Northampton St.
Dixie Rd. at Mayfield Rd.
Dixie Rd. at North Park Dr.
Dixie Rd. at Octillo Blvd.
Dixie Rd. at Orenda Rd.
Dixie Rd. at Peter Robertson Blvd.
Dixie Rd. at Queen St.
Dixie Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Dixie Rd. at Springtown Trail
Dixie Rd. at Steeles Ave.
Dixie Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Dixie Rd. N. Terminal at Hwy. #407
Dixie Rd. S Terminal at Hwy. #407
Don Minaker Dr. / Tyler Ave. at The Gore Rd.
collapse   : E ‎(21)
Eagleridge Dr. / Red Stag Rd. at Peter Robertson Blvd.
Eagleridge Dr. / Steeplebush Ave. at Torbram Rd.
East Dr. / Walker Dr. at Torbram Rd.
Eastbourne Dr. (N of Balmoral Dr.) at (Midblock)
Eastbrook Way / Eastview Gate at The Gore Rd.
Ebenezer Rd. at Don Minaker Dr. / Cherry Crest Dr.
Ebenezer Rd. at McVean Dr.
Ebenezer Rd. at Nexus Ave. / Thorndale Rd.
Ebenezer Rd. at Regional Rd. #50
Ebenezer Rd. at The Gore Rd.
Ebenezer Rd. at Via Romano Way
Edenbrook Hill Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Edgeware Rd. at Mississauga Rd.
Eiffel Blvd. at Goreway Dr.
Elgin Dr. at Main St.
Elgin Dr. at McMurchy Ave.
Elgin Dr. at Mill St.
Embleton Rd. at Heritage Rd.
Embleton Rd. at Mississauga Rd.
Embleton Rd. at Winston Churchill Blvd.
English St. / Kingspoint Plaza Ent. at Main St.
collapse   : F ‎(17)
Fernforest Dr. at Peter Robertson Blvd.
Fernforest Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Financial Dr. at 55 metres East of Provost Trl.
Financial Dr. at Hallstone Rd.
Financial Dr. at Heritage Rd.
Financial Dr. at Legendary Cl./Grouse Ln.
Financial Dr. at Olivia Marie Rd.
Financial Dr. at Rivermont Rd.
Financial Dr. at Steeles Ave.
Finch Ave. / Kenview Blvd. at Park Entrance
Finchgate Blvd. / Glenvale Blvd. at Queen St.
First Gulf Blvd. / Hartford Trail at Kennedy Rd.
Fisherman Dr. at Hurontario St.
Fletchers Creek Blvd. at Williams Pkwy.
Flowertown Ave. at McLaughlin Rd.
Fogal Rd. at Regional Rd. #50
Fogal Rd. at The Gore Rd.
collapse   : G ‎(27)
Gateway Blvd. at Queen St.
George St. at Nelson St.
George St. at Queen St.
George St. at Wellington St.
Gillingham Dr. / Quarry Edge Dr. at Main St.
Glidden Rd. at Heart Lake Rd.
Glidden Rd. at Kennedy Rd.
Glidden Rd. at Rutherford Rd.
Glidden Rd. at West Dr.
Glover Gate / Royal Palm Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Go Station at Steeles Ave.
Gordon Randle Dr. / Forestview Ct. at Countryside Dr.
Goreway Dr. at Deerhurst Dr.
Goreway Dr. at Humberwest Pkwy.
Goreway Dr. at Intermodal Dr.
Goreway Dr. at Kenview Blvd.
Goreway Dr. at Mayfield Rd.
Goreway Dr. at Queen St.
Goreway Dr. at Steeles Ave.
Goreway Dr. N. Terminal at Hwy. #407
Gorewood Dr. / Finch Ave. at Steeles Ave.
Great Lakes Dr. at Peter Robertson Blvd.
Great Lakes Dr. at Sailwind Rd. / School Entrance
Great Lakes Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Great Lakes Dr. at West Terminal Ent.
Grenadier Rd. / Hoopp Ent at Torbram Rd.
Grenoble Blvd. / Jordan Blvd. at Williams Pkwy.
collapse   : H ‎(42)
Hallstone Rd. / Hereford St. at Mississauga Rd.
Hansen Rd. at Orenda Rd.
Hansen Rd. at Queen St.
Hansen Rd. at Vodden St.
Harold St. at McLaughlin Rd.
Heart Lake Rd. at Lowe’s Entrance
Heart Lake Rd. at Mayfield Rd.
Heart Lake Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Heritage Rd. at Edgeware Rd.
Home Depot Entrance at Steeles Ave.
Horwood Dr. at McLaughlin Rd.
Howden Blvd. / North Park Dr. at Williams Pkwy.
Howden Blvd. at Hanover Rd./Highview Tl.
Howden Blvd. at Vodden St.
Humberwest Pkwy. at Crystalhill Dr. / Ricardo Blvd.
Humberwest Pkwy. at Daisyfield Blvd. / Fairlawn Blvd.
Humberwest Pkwy. at Williams Pkwy.
Hurontario North Ramp Terminal at Hwy. #407
Hurontario South Ramp Terminal at Hwy. #407
Hurontario St. at Church Entrance
Hurontario St. at Mayfield Rd.
Hurontario St. at Petworth Rd.
Hurontario St. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Hurontario St. at Steeles Ave.
Hurontario St. at Transit Terminal Entrance
Hurontario St. at Wanless Dr. / Conservation Dr.
Hurontario St. at Wexford Dr.
Hwy. #407 at Mavis Rd. (South Intersection)
Hwy. #407 at Mavis Rd. North Side
Hwy. #407 at Mississauga Rd. North Ramp Terminal
Hwy. #407 at Mississauga Rd. South Ramp Terminal
Hwy. #410 at Mayfield Rd. NB Off Ramp
Hwy. #410 at Sandalwood Pkwy. NB Off Ramp
Hwy. #410 at Steeles Ave. N/B off Ramp
Hwy. #410 at Steeles Ave. S/B on Ramp
Hwy. #410 at Williams Pkwy. N/B off Ramp
Hwy. #410 at Williams Pkwy. S/B on Ramp
Hwy. #410 S/B on Ramp at Mayfield Rd.
Hwy. #410 Shopping Center at West Drive
Hwy. #7 N/B off Ramp at Hwy. #410
Hwy. #7 S/B on Ramp at Hwy. #410
Hydro One Brampton Access at Sandalwood Pkwy.
collapse   : I ‎(1)
Intermodal Dr. at Midair Crt.
collapse   : J ‎(9)
James Potter Rd. at Antibes Dr. / Semley St.
James Potter Rd. at Ashbyfield Rd.
James Potter Rd. at Bonnie Braes Dr.
James Potter Rd. at Borrelli Dr.
James Potter Rd. at Charolais Blvd.
James Potter Rd. at Richmead Rd.
James Potter Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
James Potter Rd. at Young Dr.
John Carroll Dr / Fenton Way at Countryside Dr.
collapse   : K ‎(19)
Ken Whillans Dr. at Vodden St.
Kennedy Rd. at Brampton Sports Centre N. Entrance
Kennedy Rd. at Brampton Sports Centre S. Entrance
Kennedy Rd. at Conservation Dr.
Kennedy Rd. at Linkdale Rd.
Kennedy Rd. at Mayfield Rd.
Kennedy Rd. at Notre Dame Ave. / Wexford Rd.
Kennedy Rd. at Orenda Rd.
Kennedy Rd. at Queen St.
Kennedy Rd. at Rambler Dr.
Kennedy Rd. at Richvale/Somerset Dr.
Kennedy Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Kennedy Rd. at Somerset Dr./Richvale Dr.
Kennedy Rd. at Steeles Ave.
Kennedy Rd. at Vodden St.
Kennedy Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Kennedy Rd. N at Wexford Rd/Notre Dame Ave
Kimbark Dr. at Queen St.
Kingknoll Dr. / Sheridan College at McLaughlin Rd.
collapse   : L ‎(6)
Laurelcrest St. / Leeward Dr. at Vodden St.
Laurelcrest St. / West Dr. at Queen St.
Lion's Head Entrance at Mississauga Rd.
Lockwood Rd. at Queen St.
Lormel Gate / Lowry Dr. at McLaughlin Rd.
Lynch St. / Trueman Dr. Midblock at Queen St.
collapse   : M ‎(53)
MacKay St. at North Park Dr.
MacKay St. at Williams Pkwy.
Madoc Dr. at Rutherford Rd.
Main St. at Brampton Gateway Terminal
Main St. at Nanwood Dr.
Main St. at Nelson St. W.
Main St. at Queen St.
Main St. at Rosedale Ave. / Sproule Dr.
Main St. at Vodden St.
Main St. at Wellington St.
Main St. at Williams Pkwy.
Major Mackenzie Dr. / Coleraine Dr. at Regional Rd. #50
Major William Sharpe Dr. at Queen St.
Malta Ave. at Private Entrance (170m N of Ray Lawson Blvd.)
Market Square Blvd. at Union St.
Martin Byrne Dr. at Countryside Dr.
Marycroft Ct. at McLaughlin Rd.
Mavis Rd. at Ray Lawson Blvd.
Mayfield Rd. at McLaughlin Rd.
Mayfield Rd. at Mississauga Rd.
Mayfield Rd. at Summer Valley Dr.
Mayfield Rd. at The Gore Road
Mayfield Rd. at Torbram Rd.
Mayfield Rd. at Winston Churchill Blvd
McLaughlin Rd. at Elgin Dr.
McLaughlin Rd. at Potters Wheel Gate
McLaughlin Rd. at Queen St.
McLaughlin Rd. at Ray Lawson Blvd.
McLaughlin Rd. at Red Maple Dr.
McLaughlin Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
McLaughlin Rd. at Steeles Ave.
McLaughlin Rd. at Van Scott Dr. / Earlsbridge Blvd.
McLaughlin Rd. at Wanless Rd.
McLaughlin Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
McMurchy Ave. at Queen St.
McMurchy Ave. at Steeles Ave.
McVean Dr. at Countryside Dr.
McVean Dr. at Dunegrass Way
McVean Dr. at Huntspoint Dr.
McVean Dr. at Lexington Rd.
McVean Dr. at Queen St.
McVean Dr. at Riverstone Dr.
Meadowpine Blvd. at Winston Churchill Blvd.
Melaine Dr. (W.I.) at Steeles Ave.
Mill St. at Queen St.
Mississauga Rd. at Queen St. / River Rd.
Mississauga Rd. at Steeles Ave.
Mississauga Rd. at Walmart
Mississauga Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Mountainash Rd. at Peter Robertson Blvd.
Mountainash Rd. at Sal Cl. / Fortino's Plaza Entrance
Mountainash Rd. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Murray St. at Williams Pkwy.
collapse   : N ‎(3)
North Park Dr. (W of Jameson Crescent) at (Midblock)
North Park Dr. at Northampton St.
North Park Dr. at Torbram Rd.
collapse   : O ‎(5)
Orchard Dr. / Hartford Tl. at Steeles Ave.
Orenda Rd. at Rutherford Rd.
Orenda Rd. at West Dr.
Orenda Rd. at West Dr.
Orenda Rd. at West Dr.
collapse   : P ‎(7)
Parkhurst Square at Steeles Ave.
Peel Center Dr. at Team Canada Dr.
Pertosa Dr. at Williams Pkwy.
Peter Robertson Blvd. at Coachwhip Rd. / Hospital Entrance
Peter Robertson Blvd. at Sunny Meadows Blvd.
Peter Robertson Blvd. at Torbram Rd.
Post Rd. at Vodden St.
collapse   : Q ‎(12)
Queen Mary Dr. at Sandalwood Pkwy.
Queen St. at Auction Ln.
Queen St. at Beaumaris Dr./Palleschi Dr.
Queen St. at Creditview Rd.
Queen St. at James Potter Rd.
Queen St. at McDonald's / Tim Horton's
Queen St. at Rutherford Rd.
Queen St. at Sobey's Entrance
Queen St. at The Gore Rd.
Queen St. at Torbram Rd.
Queen St. at Walmart Entrance
Queen St. at West Dr.
collapse   : R ‎(18)
Ray Lawson Blvd. at Cherrytree Dr.
Ray Lawson Blvd. at POA / City South Plaza Entrance
Ray Lawson Blvd. at Timberlane Dr.
Region of Peel Waste Management Centre Access at Torbram Rd.
Regional Rd. #50 at Castlemore Rd. / Rutherford Rd.
Regional Rd. #50 at Cottrelle Blvd. / Langstaff Rd.
Regional Rd. #50 at Countryside Dr. / Nashville Rd.
Regional Rd. #50 at Mayfield Rd.
Regional Rd. #50 at Queen St.
Regional Rd. #50 at Sears Entrance
Regional Rd. #50 at Steeles Ave.
Regional Rd. #50 at The Gore Rd.
Richvale Dr. at Terry Fox Public School North of Cassander Cres. (Midblock)
Royal Orchard Dr. / Vodden St. at Williams Pkwy.
Rutherford Rd. at Steeles Ave.
Rutherford Rd. at Vodden St.
Rutherford Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
Rutherford Rd. at Winterfold Dr.
collapse   : S ‎(23)
Sandalwood Pkwy. at at Midblock 300m W of Robert Parkinson Dr.
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Brampton Soccer Centre
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Cassie Campbell Rec Centre (Fidelity Ave.)
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Cedarcliff Tl.
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Private Entrance
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Richvale Drive
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Robert Parkinson Dr.
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Sunny Meadow Blvd.
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Torbram Rd.
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Van Kirk Dr.
Sandalwood Pkwy. at Veterans Dr.
Sandalwood Pkwy. E at Richvale Dr
Shoppers World (West Entrance) at Steeles Ave.
South Lake Blvd. at Williams Pkwy.
Steeles Ave. at Brampton Gateway Terminal
Steeles Ave. at Clementine Dr. / James Potter Rd.
Steeles Ave. at Convention Centre Entrance
Steeles Ave. at Heritage Rd.
Steeles Ave. at Tait Blvd. / Windmill Blvd.
Steeles Ave. at Tomken Rd. / West Dr.
Steeles Ave. at Torbram Rd.
Steeles Ave. at Winston Churchill Blvd.
Sun Pac Blvd. / Edvac Dr. at Williams Pkwy.
collapse   : T ‎(8)
Team Canada Dr. at Bramalea City Centre Entrance
Team Canada Dr. at Mid Block
The Gore Rd. at Castle Oaks Crossing
Tomken Rd. at Steelwell Rd. / Wilkinson Rd.
Torbram Rd. at Australia Dr. / Brucewood Rd.
Torbram Rd. at Father Tobin Rd.
Torbram Rd. at Sandalwood Heights Secondary School South of Sandalwood Pkwy.
Torbram Rd. at Williams Pkwy.
collapse   : V ‎(4)
Van Kirk Dr. at Canam Cr./Regan Rd.
Van Kirk Dr. at Wanless Dr.
Veterans Dr. at Aylesbury Dr. / Dublin Rd.
Vodden St. at Howden Blvd.
collapse   : W ‎(11)
Wanless Dr. at Queen Mary Dr.
Wanless Dr. at Tournament Dr.
Wexford Rd. at Sunforest Dr.
Whitewash Way / Withers Way at Williams Pkwy.
Williams Pkwy. at Abbotsbury Dr. / Personna Cir.
Williams Pkwy. at Elbern Markell Dr.
Williams Pkwy. at Jordan Blvd.
Williams Pkwy. at Royal West Dr.
Williams Pkwy. at Valleyway Dr.
Williams Pkwy. at Williams Pkwy Operations Center Entrance
Winston Churchill Blvd. at Maple Lodge Farms Entrance