Street Lighting

Downtown Street Lighting The City of Brampton manages more than 40,000 City-owned streetlights. The City contracts maintenance of all street lighting to an external contractor. The contractor responds to all service complaints, inspects the system for lights not working, replaces all defective lamps and photo controls, repairs all aerial and underground street light faults, repairs all knocked-down street light poles and defective fixtures.

Street lights cannot be relocated as they are installed in specific locations to meet design standards for ample lighting on the street.

Street lights are useful for:

  • Providing a feeling of safety, security and comfort.
  • Helping to reduce nighttime vehicular accidents by increasing visibility for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Enhancing social and commercial traffic

To report a street light out or a problem with a street light:

  • Phone the City of Brampton at 311.
  • Report the street name and if possible, the pole identification numbers, which are located on street side of the pole.
  • If the pole does not have an identification number, report the residential address the pole is closest to.