Ken Whillans Drive - Church St E to Nelson St E

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 05 2020, 03:24
Project: Class Environmental Assessment
Status: In Progress

Project Details - Schedule C

The City of Brampton is carrying out a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) Study for the proposed extension of Ken Whillans Drive from Church Street East to Nelson Street East. This assessment will address operational deficiencies, and the need to accommodate increased traffic demands as a result of population and employment growth in the surrounding area, a number of alternatives will be examined as part of the study including the potential Ken Whillans Drive extension. As the proposed road extension falls within the regulatory limits of Etobicoke Creek, the Study has been expanded to include downtown drainage improvements. The purpose of this Study is to examine a number of transportation and downtown drainage improvement alternatives, and to evaluate the overall impact of such alternatives on the social, cultural and natural environments.

This Study is being conducted in accordance with the planning and design process for ‘Schedule C’ projects as outlined in the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment document (October 2000, as amended in 2007), which is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. This Study has been elevated from a ‘Schedule B’ to a ‘Schedule C’ Class EA process to enable an assessment and evaluation of alternative solutions for transportation and downtown drainage improvements, as well as alternative design concepts for the preferred solution(s).

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