Clark Boulevard - Rutherford Rd to E of Dixie Rd

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 12 2020, 10:15
Project: Future Construction Project Under Design
Status: In Progress

Project Details

This project consists of a detailed design for widening Clark Boulevard from Rutherford Road to east of Dixie Road. This includes widening to five lanes between Rutherford Road to Highway 410 and six lanes between Highway 410 to east of Dixie Road. This project will also include improvements to existing traffic signals, street lighting, landscaping and transit. For more information, click here.

Project Status Update
  • Traffic reassessment to justify six-lane widening planned to complete by 2020 as part of the Clark Boulevard Extension Environmental Assessment process.
  • Property requirement package to be provided to Realty at City for acquisition by the end of 2020 subject to the approval of six lane based on traffic reassessment. 
  • Detailed design planned to start in 2020 and complete by spring 2024.
  • Utility relocation is planned to start early 2023 and complete by spring 2024.
  • Tender is planned for 2024, subject to completion of property acquisition, utility relocation and Council approval.

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