Sandalwood Parkway Extension - Creditview Rd to Mississauga Rd

Last Updated: Wednesday, Aug 29 2018, 12:13
Project: Class Environmental Assessment
Status: EA Complete


Project Details - Schedule C

Contact:  Planning, Design and Development at 905-874-2050.

The City of Brampton has completed a Class Environmental Assessment for the extension of Sandalwood Parkway from Creditview Road to Mississauga Road. The extension of the road, as a 36 metre arterial right-of way facilitating 4 travel lanes and a multi-use path, addresses travel demand to accommodate planned growth and development in Brampton and as part of the supporting road network to the Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan area. A number of alternative alignments were explored and assessed against a comprehensive set of criteria with regard to technical roadway standards, economic, natural and cultural environments.

The study was carried out in accordance with the planning and design process for Schedule ‘C’ projects as outlined in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (October 2000 as amended in 2007) and which is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. This Schedule C road project has been carried forward from the Mount Pleasant Secondary Area Transportation Master Plan (Phases 1 and 2) supporting the Mount Pleasant Area Secondary Plan. Click here to view the Mount Pleasant Transportation Area Master Plan and Secondary Plan.

Other road segments included in this EA study:

Scheduling Details


Study Initiated:  April  2006
Study Completion Date:  November 22, 2010


Public Information Centre  #1


Notice of Public Meeting and Study Commencement – April 25, 2006  

Information Package Handout (244 KB PDF)


Public Information Centre #2


Notice of Public Meeting – May 30, 2007

Information Package Handout (2.16 MB PDF)


Public Information Centre #3


Notice of Public Meeting – September 18, 2008

Information Package Handout (752 KB PDF)

Display Boards (1.39 MB PDF)

Creditview Road Realignment Plan (1.51 MB PDF)

CN Underpass Rendering (312 KB PDF)


Notice of  Completion




Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan Area Transportation Master Plan Final Report – August 5, 2009


Public Information Centre 4


Notice of Public Meeting – December 3, 2009

Information Package Handout (495 KB PDF)

Display Boards (16 MB PDF)

Sandalwood Parkway Extension Alignment Alternative (478 KB PDF)

Sandalwood Parkway Extension Preferred Alternative (Aerial) (18 MB PDF)


Notice of Completion


Notice of Study Completion – October 20, 2010
Preferred Alternative (452 KB PDF)

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