Williams Parkway EA Addendum - McLaughlin Rd to Railway Tracks

Last Updated: Thursday, Apr 13 2017, 01:32
Project: Class Environmental Assessment
Status: Complete

Project Details - Schedule C

The City of Brampton has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Addendum for the widening of Williams Parkway between McLaughlin Road and the Railway Tracks (see key map below). The original EA for Williams Parkway (McLaughlin Road to North Park Drive/Howden Boulevard) was completed in August 2011 and recommended noise walls at various locations. As a result of changes to the City of Brampton Noise By-Law in 2014, residents on Willowcrest Court, Stillwater Crescent, Vodden Street, and Martindale Crescent successfully petitioned against the implementation of noise walls between Williams Parkway and their yards. As a result, an EA Addendum is required to be undertaken to amend this aspect of the original EA study, with all other recommendations of that EA to remain in effect.

Scheduling Details

Study Initiated: June 9, 2016

Study Commencement

Notice of Study Commencement - June 9, 2016

Public Information Centre # 1

Notice of Meeting on June 20, 2016
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Comment Sheet

Filing of Addendum

Notice of Filing of Addendum - November 10, 2016

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