New Subdivision Construction

The Development Construction section within the Public Works and Engineering Department supervises the construction of all new subdivisions, ensuring that all the roads, sidewalks, storm sewers and catch basins and aboveground works are constructed to the City and provincial standards.

Who is involved in building a new subdivision?

  • Developer – The Developer, who owns the land, enters into a Subdivision Agreement with the City to ensure that the construction of the subdivision meets the requirements of the City and other public agencies. The City holds financial securities to ensure the Developer performs all the requirements of the agreement.  
  • Consulting Engineer – Hired by the Developer, the Consulting Engineer is directly responsible for the supervision and administration of subdivision construction work.
  • Contractors – Contractors have various construction abilities and are hired by the Developer to construct all new infrastructure on the road allowance.
  • Builder – Buys lots from the Developer and then builds the homes that the Homeowners purchase.
  • Homeowners – Buy homes within the new subdivision.
  • City of Brampton – City staff inspect the subdivision works undertaken by the Developer to ensure that it complies with the Subdivision Agreement. The City won't release the financial securities until it has inspected all work and the Developer has satisfied all parts of the agreement.
  • Region of Peel – The Region of Peel is responsible for the sanitary sewers, watermains and fire hydrants and solid waste (garbage).

(Note: There may be exceptions to the above. The Builder and Developer may be one in the same in some subdivisions. In others, various Builders buy lots from one Developer.)

Assumption of a Subdivision

Assumption of the subdivision by the City occurs when the municipality assumes responsibility for the maintenance of all municipal services. This usually occurs within four to six years after the registration of the subdivision or when the City is satisfied that the Developer’s obligations have been fulfilled (typically one to two years after the final coat of pavement has been installed throughout the subdivision). Until Assumption, the Developer is responsible for all municipal services and the upkeep of the street (except snow clearance).

Grading/Sod Deposits

The grading/sod deposit is held by your Builder (not the City of Brampton) and is generally returned to the Homeowner following assumption. Check your Purchase and Sale Agreement to determine when your grading/sod deposit will be returned. If you require further information about your grading/sod deposit, contact your Builder.


If you plan to alter your grading in a new subdivision, you will need to apply for a Fill Permit.

Backyard Catch Basins

The backyard catch basins and storm connections are installed on private property and becomes the responsibility of the homeowner upon assumption of the subdivision.

Street Sweeping

Mud or dust that is tracked on the road from trucks or heavy equipment is the Developer’s responsibility to sweep. The number of times the street will be swept depends on the season and the amount of building activity. If your street has a top coat of asphalt, debris deposited during our winter operations will be swept during our Spring Street Sweeping Program.

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