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Online Mobile Sign Permits and Service Changes

The staff of the City of Brampton Building Division wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.  Please take a moment to review our first Builder Bulletin of the year.  Contact Anthony Magnone, Regulatory Coordinator, if you have any questions.

1. Changes to the deadline for receipt of the Engineer’s Report for engineered fill lots:

  • A copy of the field review report must still be provided at the time of the footing inspection.
  • The stamped Engineer’s Report must be provided before the framing inspection will be conducted -previously required at backfill stage.
  • The report can be e-mailed to the attention of your Inspector or provided to the Inspector on site
  • E-mail address:    

2. Builders are reminded of the fee adjustment effective January 1, 2012 as permit fees are now tied to the consumer price index. The 2012 fee scheduled is posted on the Building Division Web Site.
3. The City of Brampton Building Division is pleased to welcome you to our new and enhanced web site.  Services and information provided include:

  • Mobile Sign Permits now on-line.  Coming soon, all portable sign permits (including ‘A’-frame signs) on-line!
  • Brampton Home Builder statistics posted monthly
  • Keeping you updated on events that impact your business, for example, DC increases effective February 1, 2012!
  • E-mail Inspection requests
  • Information sheets and forms more easily accessed
  • Links to related web sites