Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Recruitment

Fire Chief, Bill Boyes

Thank you for your interest in joining the City of Brampton’s Fire and Emergency Services Team (BFES)! We pride ourselves on our visionary leadership, positive labour relations, and a general standard of excellence keeping BFES at the forefront of Fire Service innovation and operation.

BFES proudly serves the residents of Brampton, operating thirteen full-time fire stations. Responding not only to fires, we assist in medical emergencies, transportation accidents, industrial accidents, hazardous materials incidents, rescues and a wide range of other life-threatening emergencies.

We are a diverse group of men and women, proud to serve our community. This site explains the various criteria you must meet, or exceed, in order to become a firefighter. Again, thank you for your interest and best of luck in the application process.

Bill Boyes
Fire Chief


“… I would like to acknowledge the members of this team for their quick response, concern and professionalism… It is reassuring to know that there are great people like all of you that we can count on when we’re in trouble… It was probably just a regular shift for them but their teamwork and dedication to their profession did not go unnoticed.”

-- Karen Dudzinski, citizen of Brampton, in a thank you note to the Fire Chief for the actions of a fire crew at a car accident in which she was involved as a patient.

Do you have what it takes?

Community minded. Physically fit. Team player.

You’ve always had the desire to become a firefighter. You’ve done the soul searching and have chosen this honourable career for all the right reasons.

Now you have to ask yourself: Do I have what it takes to succeed?

If you are performance driven, and dedicated to your community, to your team, and to becoming a stronger person, Brampton Fire and Emergency Services needs you. Your mind and body can switch gears from relaxed to high alert in seconds! You are able to remain calm and focused in the heat of an emergency. You possess an uncommon sense of caring and would put your life on the line so someone else might live.

If you seek extraordinary challenges, opportunities and rewards in your career, we encourage you to apply and train for a position as a Brampton Fire and Emergency Services firefighter. Find out if you have what it takes to join this leading team.