Brampton's Environmental Master Plan

Brampton Grow Green is the city's first Environmental Master Plan.  It is an environmental sustainability plan that establishes strategic directions, actions and targets that will improve the environmental qualities of Brampton’s built and natural landscapes.

The Grow Green Plan is also a catalyst to engage, involve and support residents, businesses, seniors, environmental groups, community associations, schools, students, professional organizations to achieve a healthy, livable city.

In May 2014, Brampton City Council approved Brampton Grow Green Master Plan.  

Grow Green Vision

Brampton is a community that will conserve, enhance and balance our natural and built environments to create a healthy, sustainable city. We will carry out our responsibilities to meet the needs of the present community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

Guiding Principles

The principles represent the values that guide the City's sustainability decision making

Core Goals

Six goals represent the key outcomes the City and its partners will work to achieve through the implementation of the Grow Green Action Plan

Priority Indicators

Priority metrics and targets will be used to monitor and measure the City's, community's and partners' progress in achieving the core goals of the Grow Green Plan

Action Plan

 The Action Plan outlines short, medium and long-term City and partner initiatives to achieve the goals and targets of the Grow Green Plan

Green Paper (2013) and Background Report (2012)

​The Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan is a compendium of three documents: Background Report (April 2012); Green Paper (April 2013); and above Implementation Action Plan (2014).