Brampton's Response to the Provincial Growth Plan

Growth PlanPlaces to Grow, A Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe was adopted by the Province under the Places to Grow Act (2005) and came into effect in June 2006. The Growth Plan establishes a number of principles and policies that provide the basis for guiding decisions on how land is developed, resources are managed and public dollars are invested.   

The Growth Plan objectives are to:  

  • Revitalize downtowns to become vibrant and convenient centres.
  • Create complete communities that offer more convenient and accessible options for living, working, learning, shopping and playing.
  • Provide housing options to meet the needs of people at any age. Curb sprawl and protect farmland and green spaces.
  • Reduce traffic gridlock by improving access to a greater range of transportation options 

Brampton's Growth Plan OPA 2006-043

On June 9, 2010, under Section 17 of the Planning Act, Council passed By-law No. 198-2010 to adopt Amendment No. 2006-043 (OPA 43) to the Official Plan. 

In January 2012, OPA 43 was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) for lack of decision within the statutory approval period. Modifications to OPA 43 were approved by Planning Committee on December 14, 2012 to conform to the Region of Peel ROPA 24 and make additional housekeeping changes (see staff reports below).

OMB pre-hearing conferences were held in May 2012 and February and July 2013. On July 26, 2013, the OMB granted partial approval of OPA 43. Refer to the Consolidated Official Plan below to view the approved and appealed sections of the amendment.

Brampton's Growth Plan OPA 2006-074

On November 28, 2012, Brampton Council passed By-law 337-2012 to adopt Amendment No. 2006-074 (OPA 74) to the Official Plan to supplement OPA 43. Together, these amendments bring the City's Official Plan into conformity with the Growth Plan (see staff reports below).

OMB appeals to OPA 74 were subsequently withdrawn, leaving OPA 74 in effect as of August, 28, 2013. 

Updated Consolidated Official Plan Showing Growth Plan Amendments

The consolidated Official Plan text showing the tracked changes of OPA 43 (noting approved and appealed sections), OPA 74, policies approved by the OMB in March 2013 and Council endorsed policies is available here.
The Official Plan Amendment Maps are available below:

​Questions related to OPA 43 and 74 may be directed to the following:

Brampton’s Response to the Provincial Growth Plan
Growth Management, Planning & Infrastructure Services
City of Brampton
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Brampton, ON, L6Y 4R2

Original Background Studies and Reports

The City of Brampton’s Planning & Infrastructure Services Department undertook a series of studies, analyses, and policy reviews in order to implement these Provincial policies in the City of Brampton. This process identified how the Growth Plan policies could be implemented in a manner that was best for Brampton ensuring that growth continues to be well managed and sustainable while protecting and enhancing our quality of life. The background reports which formed a basis for the Growth Plan Conformity Exercise and the Official Plan Amendment, can be found under ‘Brampton’s Growth Plan Reports & Studies’.