Bus Fares

​Effective September 1, 2019

Detailed Information
Payment Information
Cash Fare

​Exact change required


Preschool Child

​5 years of age and under
(Must be accompanied by a fare paying passenger)


Person With Vision Loss

​Must have CNIB Card



​Card - $6.00
Protective Card Sleeve - $2.00


​6 - 12 years of age

e-purse - $2.00
Weekly Pass - $22.00
Monthly Pass - $84.00


​13 - 19 years of age

e-purse - $2.55
Weekly Pass - $27.50
Monthly Pass - $107.00


20 years of age and older

e-purse - $3.10
Weekly Pass - $34.00
Monthly Pass - $128.00


​65 years of age or older

e-purse - $1.60

Senior Resident

65 years of age or older
​Brampton Transit Senior Identification Card

​Cash Fare - $1.00

e-purse - $1.00
Monthly Pass - $15.00

GO Fare Integration

GO Ticket/Pass to and from GO Train Station

Click here for full details.

​Cash Fare - $0.80
PRESTO e-purse - **$0.80

**PRESTO card holders are also eligible to transfer from Brampton Transit to GO Transit bus service. The co-fare will automatically be calculated.

Veteran Pass

Click here for details.


NO REFUNDS on GTA Weekly Passes, PRESTO passes or PRESTO farecard issuance fees.

PRESTO e-purse refunds $50.00 and under can be refunded by Brampton Transit. Refunds are subject to a mandatory 4% fee and the card must be returned.

PRESTO e-purse refunds over $50.00 must be done by a mail-in form to PRESTO. Visit prestocard.ca for more information.


A $0.05 minimum load is required upon purchase and at each reloading. The $0.05 can be used towards a Brampton Transit pass (weekly or monthly).

Please note that Brampton Transit passes are only valid on Brampton Transit and Züm buses.

Negative card balance settlement fee is $0.25 at the time of reload.