Boarding and Exiting the Bus

All riders are required to pay their fare. A support person accompanying a person with a disability rides for free.

All of our buses are accessible and equipped with accessibility features including: 

  • Low floors
  • Extendable ramp/lift, kneeling feature at front doors
  • Reserved wheelchair/scooter areas

Riders must be able to safely manoeuvre their mobility device. People requiring additional care are requested to travel with an assistant. 

Boarding an Accessible Bus

As the bus approaches, make sure it is the bus you wish to take. Ask the Operator if you need clarification on where the bus is going.  


When the bus arrives, all passengers must enter the bus through the front doors. If required, ask the Operator to lower the ramp. Ensure you are located on a flat open space so the ramp can be lowered safely. Avoid areas where trees, poles, hydrants and other obstacles may damage your equipment or jeopardize your safety.



Remain six feet away from the front of the bus when the ramp is being lowered. This allows adequate clearance for the Operator to open the doors and deploy the ramp safely. 





Proceed up the ramp, facing the Operator. Passengers are required to board independently or have their Support Person assist them.








Pay your fare by tapping your PRESTO card on the PRESTO Card Reader, or place cash fare in the farebox. Request a transfer if transferring buses, and advise the Operator of your desired destination.



Proceed to the priority seating area located at the front of the bus. The Operator will ensure the priority seats are raised to allow your device to reverse into the securement space. Once in place, please fasten the seatbelt located on your mobility device, lock your brakes and turn off the power supply.  Request the Operator’s assistance if additional securement is required.  



Exiting an Accessible Bus  

If you did not notify the Operator of your desired destination at the beginning of your trip, press the yellow stop strip located on the raised bus seat to signal the Operator to stop at the next stop.

Once the bus comes to a complete stop, remove securements and unlock your brakes.  If required, request the Operator’s assistance.

Proceed to the space located behind the Operator seating area. Remain behind the yellow safety line on the floor until the Operator deploys the ramp completely.

Exit the bus through the front doors, facing forward, and proceed safely down the ramp to end your trip.