Downtown Reimagined

Downtown Streetscape 

As part of creating a vibrant urban centre in downtown Brampton, the City of Brampton is working towards creating an aesthetically beautiful streetscape around the historic Four Corners. From Mill Street South to Chapel Street on Queen street and Nelson Street East and Wellington Street on Main Street, an environmental assessment is underway to define and create a street that will bring together pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in a safe and sustainable manner. From the addition of cycle lanes to landscaping between street and sidewalk in order to capitalize on pedestrian walkability and enhance amenities, the public realm in downtown Brampton is set to undergo an exciting transformation.

Notice of Study Completion

  • Issued on August 31, 2017 and can be found here​.

​​News and Events

Construction at Queen St W and George S - December 8

On Friday December 8th, Pacific Paving will have a crew completing the outstanding concrete and interlock work in front of the stores. There will also be a sub-contractor in the morning (after 9 am) at the southeast corner of Queen St W and George St performing the horizontal saw cut into the curb for the new accessible / loading zone. During this operation the parking spaces will be blocked and traffic may be restricted by the use of flag persons. The saw cutting operation should not take more than an hour.

Downtown streetscape visual demonstration
Construction of the demonstration is expected to be complete shortly. The visual demonstration aims to showcase what the Downtown could potentially look like with the following:

  • A  green cycle lane and updated road signs
  • Interlock that is currently in place to depict the clearway zone (sidewalk and cafe area).
  • A furniture zone that will have trees in planter boxes, a bench, and
  • The removal and relocation of the existing streetlight pole.
The intent of the demonstration is to showcase the dimensions and scale.  The materials will be finalized as we go through the detail design process. We’d love to hear what you think.  Please visit us at 15 Queen St. W for more information on this and other initiatives currently underway in Brampton.