Welcome to Summer 2018!


We have a camp for everyone!

Summer camp starts July 3rd, 2018
Before and after care is available  

Learn about camp programs that will bring out each camper's curiosity and sense of exploration through activities like rock climbing, archery, hiking and canoeing.

A wide selection of arts camps are available for those who love the spotlight and for campers who prefer to get creative behind the scenes. Explore performance, film production, and visual arts camps here

Campers will develop leadership skills, communication, and self-confidence through programs that highlight teamwork and collaboration.

Young campers are introduced to a variety of fun and stimulating activities that will keep their minds and bodies active.

A wide variety of inclusive camps ensure that there is something available for everyone. Participants enjoy day trips, crafts, games and sports, among other fun activities.

Find out more about camps designed specifically for thrill-seeking campers who enjoy activity and excitement.

Athletic campers will learn the basic fundamentals of various sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer. This is a great opportunity for participants to develop their skills and have fun playing in a team environment.

Participants of watersports camps will enjoy time by the water playing fun outdoor sports and participating in various water related activities.

Camp Information

For information regarding Camp Admissions, Inclusive Camps and Busing, click here.