Tree By-Laws

Tree Preservation By-law

Brampton is committed to maintaining a healthy urban forest. That means protecting the trees in parks, public spaces and on private property. This by-law provides clear guidelines on the circumstances under which trees on private property may or may not be removed.

Woodlot Conservation By-law

The City of Brampton's Woodlot Conservation By-law was adopted to protect and conserve woodlands/woodlots in Brampton. A permit is required when making alterations to a woodland/woodlot outside of the formal development approvals’ process (rezoning, plan of subdivision, site plan, etc.).

The City defines a “woodlot” as a portion of land that is at least 0.2 hectares in area that has:

  • 200 trees, of any size, per 0.2 hectare;
  • 150 trees, measuring over five (5) centimetres, per 0.2 hectare;
  • 100 trees, measuring over twelve (12) centimetres, per 0.2 hectare; or
  • 50 trees, measuring over twenty (20) centimetres, per 0.2 hectare.

This by-law does not extend or include cultivated fruit or nut orchards, or a plantation established for the purpose of producing Christmas trees or nursery stock.

To ensure good forestry practices are implemented during the removal of trees within a woodlot, a Silvicultural Prescription must be included with your application. A Silvicultural Prescription is a site-specific plan that describes the long-term woodlot management objectives.​​​​


Removal of Dead Trees on Private Property
​The removal of dead trees from City lands is an ongoing project, thanks to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation and damage from the 2013 ice storm. Crews continue to work on removing these trees as quickly as possible. For more information, click here.