Brampton’s parks and open spaces provide opportunities and facilities for residents to participate in physical and social activities, while enjoying nature. Portolets are one of the amenities added to a park to contribute to overall enjoyment of park patrons.

Locational Criteria

In recent years, the demand for portolets in parks has increased. As a result, the City of Brampton has adopted locational criteria to assist in assessing requests, managing demand and ensuring they are located properly.

  • Park must be larger than 0.6 hectares (1.5 acres)
  • Favourable results of a neighbourhood survey regarding the installation of a portolet in the park

New Requests

Requests for a portolet in a park can be directed to the Parks Maintenance and Forestry Division by filling out the Contact Us form.


If a location is deemed suitable under the approved Locational Criteria, staff will use approved Implementation Protocols to incorporate the portolet into the park. The protocols require that the City:

  • Conduct a survey of the surrounding neighbourhood to gauge public support
  • Review results with area Councillors
  • If 'yes', then seek funding through Capital Budget process and proceed to implement, after funding approval
  • If 'no', advise requestor(s) and survey participants of decision