Pesticide Ban & Weed Control Tips

The Ontario Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act banned the sale and use of more than 250 products and 80 pesticide ingredients. There are exceptions for situations where pests affect public health and safety (e.g. stinging insects, fighting West Nile virus, controlling poison ivy), and for golf courses, agricultural and forestry use. In most City parks, gardens and green spaces, pesticides are not used. Our goal is to maintain attractive public green spaces while being environmentally responsible and complying with the provincial ban. ​

Weed Control

The following are weed control strategies used at the City of Brampton:
  • Adjust the frequency and timing of when lawns are cut to reduce the number of weeds that are permitted to spread seeds
  • Raise the mowing height to 3 inches to promote stronger grass roots, create shade at the soil level, and discourage the growth of weeds
  • Increase fertilizing and aerating of high-traffic grass areas
  • Burn weeds on hard surface areas (e.g. walkways) with a high-pressure steam system
  • Cover garden and shrub areas with mulch
  • Plant more trees, but fewer shrub beds, in new developments
  • Reduce the number of permeable paved surfaces (e.g. interlocking bricks)
  • Increased manual weed removal